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bvi sailing charter vacations

Just like the amazing vistas and experiences of the Caribbean, sailing along the British Virgin Islands is nothing short of a breathtaking experience. These Islands are full of pristine beaches and alluring cays of crystal-clear Azul water. Making them an attractive BVI sailing charter vacation place for tourists and locals alike.

The Islands are strikingly beautiful as well as mesmerizing to see and experience. They also offer some of the best BVI sailing charter vacations, which helps them stand out from other locations elsewhere in the world.

There are plenty of famous Islands in the BVI, which ensures the best experience for visitors. This offers everything to tourists, from sailing to motorboats; it is a place to never be forgotten for all types of boats and tourists.

 Main Places of British Virgin Island | BVI sailing Charter Vacations

Here are some of the main places that you must visit to enjoy your BVI sailing charter vacations


Tortola is home to Road Towne, the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Which makes it the main Island of the BVI. Furthermore, Tortola offers an extremely beautiful mix of lush greenery and sandy beaches surrounded by eye-catching mountain peaks. It offers plenty of activities for tourists, including snorkeling, swimming, and sailing. Tortola is also home to world-renowned full-moon parties. Which takes place every full moon of the year and draws people literally from all over the globe. Here you can find the schedule for the moon phases in the BVI to see if you will or can be there to experience this incredible fiesta!

Virgin Gorda | BVI sailing Charter Vacations

The island of Virgin Gorda is one of the best places for BVI sailing charter vacations, and just like Tortola, it offers plenty of amenities to visitors. Overall, this Island has a calm breeze, which makes it perfect for activities and having fun. It also ensures calm and tranquil sailing, which makes for a pleasant and memorable trip. Undoubtedly one of the most alluring and world-renowned places on Virgin Gorda is The Baths.

Jost Van Dyke

Although it is a smaller island, it offers plenty of amenities to tourists. It has lush gardens, which add a mesmerizing touch to the overall experience and ensure that tourists return for more fun. The Soggy Dollar beach bar & grill on Jost Van Dyke is also a must-visit place!

BVI sailing charter vacations are optimal for these locations since they ensure a calm breeze and offer plenty of other activities.

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