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Necker Island Pool - British Virgin Islands Resorts
Little Dix Bay Beach - British Virgin Islands Resorts
Little Dix Bay Beach

British Virgin Islands Resorts

Before and after your sailing charter, relax and reflect at one of the many British Virgin Islands Resorts.

The British Virgin Islands, located in the Northeastern Caribbean, is an archipelago of 60 islands, cays, and islets offering a myriad of land and water activities. What happens when steady trade winds meet an island-flecked channel with tame currents and hundreds of protected, salt-rimmed bays? Every mariner worth his sea salt sails there – which is how the British Virgin Islands “BVIs” became a sailing fantasyland and the heart of the Caribbean.


More than 40 islands bob in the group, welcoming visitors to its absurd amount of beach.

Discover the beauty of British Virgin Island’s many beaches. Carved in all shapes and sizes, from the surf-worthy waves of Apple Bay to the pristine white sands that blanket Elizabeth Beach, to the boater’s paradise, Deadman’s Bay, every beach has its own special magic to offer. With endless skies and inviting water, you can plan a different beach adventure every day of your Caribbean vacation.


Enjoy fun-filled days on the water! Shoot through a curl on the wave of the day. Tropical fish surround your kayak as you paddle into a secluded lagoon. High winds blow all around you as you drift 600 feet above water gliding in a parasail. With its many colorful reefs and shipwrecks, scuba diving in the BVI is a must if you love to venture beneath the waters.No matter what your interests are, the BVI is your playground. Between the fast pace of windsurfing, kiteboarding, or an easygoing swim with dolphins, there’s always an adventure waiting for you in the crystal clear waters.

Resorts and Villas

The are many British Virgin Islands resorts from luxury resorts to beachside villas on the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Peter Island, Necker Island, and Little Thatch. Furthermore, powdery white-sand beaches, lush green mountains, and a yacht-filled harbor characterize the island of Tortola. It’s known most of the population and commerce.

Virgin Gorda is the BVIs’ beauty, beloved by movie stars, millionaires, and yachties. Natural beauty dominates here with her clutch of exceptional national parks.

Jost Van Dyke is the jovial island, where a man named Foxy is king, and ‘time flies when you ain’t doin’ shit, ’ as the T-shirts proclaim.

Anegada floats in a remote reef; if you’re looking to get away from it all, this atoll has a hammock waiting. Then there are the sprinkling of our islands – some uninhabited, some with just a beach bar, some with shipwrecks to dive on. You’ll need your own boat to reach them, but since the BVI’s are the world’s charter-boat capital, you’re in luck.

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BVI Resorts Packages consist of round-trip flights and hotel stays. Inclusions, transfers, car rentals, meal plans, sightseeing, and trip insurance may be available as you build your package. You are moments away from your dream vacation. Experience the ease and convenience of booking and paying online!

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