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British Virgin Islands and Kiteboarding

The BVI’s have long been a wonderful vacation destination for its excellent beaches, spectacular coastlines, and impressive resorts. Kiteboarding in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is just amazing; especially in the winter months when a strong wind blows around.  And, BVI Kiteboarding charter vacation is on catamarans with captains who love to kite and know the kiting areas in the British Virgin Islands can really be fantastic. Further, warm water and the comfortable ambient temperature around the BVIs make all the components for your premium kiteboarding and Kite fest.

Carib Kiteboarding
Carib Kiteboarding

What makes BVI Kiteboarding Charter Vacation  Popular.

Kiteboarding is growing its popularity in the British Virgin Islands mainly due to its weather. With constant winds all year round, it is considered as one of the best sailing places in the Caribbean. Tourists are loving kiteboarding in the BVIs.

How do you plan your tour? Well, you can enjoy the kiteboarding on your own crewed yacht. You can venture to a variety of places for kiteboarding by your charter yacht. The captain takes you to the places where the conditions are right for kiteboarding. Furthermore, full moon night can be amazing for you. When the wind blows in the full moon, you can attempt the spectacular rides in the night.

BVI Kiteboarding Charter Vacation: Main Attractions.

In the British Virgin Islands, two places are the most popular for kiteboarding:

  • Virgin Gorda
  • Anegada

Flatwater and the extended beaches mark both places.

Virgin Gorda and Anegada

Virgin Gorda is one of the most populated islands in the BVI. Virgin Gorda in the BVIs is a major tourist destination due to an extraordinary geologic formation, called “The Baths“. Virgin Gorda is a great place for you while you are on a BVI Kiteboarding Charter Vacation. On the other hand,  Anegada is formed from coral and limestone and stands with astounding beauty in the British Virgin Islands.  For that reason, Anegada is comparatively flat and close to sea level, while the other islands are steep. Anegada is best known for its sand beaches that extend for long-distance on end, and the fourth-largest coral reef in the world namely the Horseshoe Reef.

The British Virgin Islands offer ideal conditions for kiteboarders in the North Sound area of Virgin Gorda and Anegada. Scottie at the  Bitter End Yacht Club offers BVI kite-boarding lessons for the beginner to advanced student.

Further, check out this kiteboarding video that Scott made at Anegada Beach Hotel:


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