Kiteboarding in the BVI: Video


This is a cool kiteboarding in the BVI video was produced by the crewed catamaran FULL MOON of one of their Kite Safaris in the Virgin Islands. The moves are cool, the wind seems just right and everyone looks like they are having lots of fun.


Catamaran FULL MOON is now doing captain only charters in the Bahamas or Florida. For kiteboarding in the BVI or in the Grenadines, there are more crewed catamarans available.

In the Grenadines, there is catamaran Baraka enjoying the heavy winds of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In the Virgin Islands there are the following catamarans with kiting crews:


In addition, many of the Virgin Islands-based crews know the kiting locations and are very happy to take guests to the BVI Kiteboardin hot spots where they can enjoy the Virgin Islands Kite Surfing.

In the Exumas there are the Exuma Catamarans of RUBICON and SWISH crewed by very active Kiters. They live and breathe the Bahamas.

So come and explore this adventure paradise. Try kiteboarding in the BVI, in some of the most picturesque locations in the world, and leave with a lifetime of memories.

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