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If you are interested in an outstanding BVI Catamaran Charter, look no further than JAN’S FELION. CKIM GROUP Inc., presents this fantastic charter. As always, for more information and to inquire, click the E-Brochure below, as one of our charter brokers is here to assist.

BVI Catamaran
Power Catamaran JAN’S FELION


This exceptional power catamaran charter is a new Lagoon 64, now available in the British Virgin Islands. She is like new, being built in 2018 and kept in meticulous condition.

JAN’S FELION has four guest cabins with four queen beds. Furthermore, she has three crew members to provide a higher level of service. Be sure to read a sampling of the rave reviews below.

3 Person Crew aboard BVI Catamaran JAN’S FELION


BVI Catamaran Captain Kirk Robinson
Captain Kirk Robinson

Kirk has always been a very active person. His love of the water began in his early 20s. Still, it all started on land for Kirk as a professional soccer player, where he spent his younger years representing his country Antigua in America, England, and South America. A keen fisherman, you’ll notice when sailing with Kirk he’ll be on the lookout for a fresh dinner from the sea.

Kirk started his sailing career as an Engineer with Sunsail working in Antigua and the BVI. He is Yachtmaster Certified and has been a professional charter captain in the Caribbean for the past 12 years. He knows the intricate islands of the Caribbean with great depth and nuance.

Most recently, he was Captain of the successful charter yacht Amazing. In conclusion, Captain Kirk is well-liked, with 90% repeat guests or special requests by referral. Kirk is a kid-friendly captain, welcoming families and friends to have a great time on Jan’s FeLion.

Chef Loic Doan Jausoro aboard BVI Catamaran JAN’S FELION

Loic Doan grew up in the Canary Islands, surrounded by the sea and everything it entails. His father was a sailor, so he naturally developed a love for watersports, spearfishing, diving, and surfing. When he had the opportunity to travel the world in his youth, he began to develop his sensibility for the culinary arts. Exploring places like Indonesia, Vietnam, Norway, Thailand, Sweden, Austria, and France- these cultures all have left a mark on his senses and informed his versatile culinary abilities.

BVI Catamaran Chef Loic Doan Jausoro
Chef Loic Doan Jausoro

Loic’s passion for cooking was born thanks to his grandmother. Since childhood, he spent time in their kitchens and his aunt’s restaurant. There he observed and fell in love with the magic being created there.

Loic decided to pursue a degree at the top culinary school in Spain. He studied gastronomy and culinary arts in the heart of Spanish gastronomy, the Basque Country. There he spent four years learning a tremendous amount alongside colleagues from all over the world. All with the guidance of internationally recognized chefs. Loic started cooking in small restaurants and villas.

Soon, he could work in places with greater recognition, including an Italian Michelin star restaurant, Nub Restaurant, and the highly regarded Nordic restaurant with Japanese influence, Frantzén, which has three Michelin Stars.

More on Chef Loic

After these years of applying his knowledge, Loic defines his cuisine as a blend of international styles, with Spanish and Italian cuisine standing out the most. He loves to challenge himself daily by playing with different styles – blending the old with the new in his recipe creation, a nod to where he first fell in love with cooking.

Ultimately, the light, fresh, local ingredients inform his menu design. In conclusion, you can look forward to experiencing a beautifully presented, delicious, and versatile culinary experience onboard Loic Doan.

Stewardess Katherine Warren aboard BVI Catamaran JAN’S FELION

Katherine was born with an adventurous spirit. Growing up in North Carolina with six siblings, she spent most of her time on the water or in the mountains. Kat shared her passion for a thrill with the children she nannied for many years. Her Interior Design Degree can be seen in her ability to make any space warm and inviting.

After college, she moved to the snowy mountains of Vail, CO, where she restored antique furniture and soaked in all the outdoors had to offer. She enjoyed hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, rafting, and shredding on her snowboard. Later, she volunteered her time across the U.S., working on multiple organic farms.

She also spent her summers growing produce for local restaurants. Indeed, no matter where Kat goes, her southern charm and thirst for adventure are always with her. She makes friends wherever she is and is a stranger to no one.

More on Stewardess Katherine

Stewardess Katherine Warren of Jan's Felion. BVI Power Catamaran for charter
Stewardess Katherine Warren

In the past five years, she has built her yacht portfolio in the USVI and BVI, including a sailing scuba dive liveaboard, where her love for underwater grew.

Kat will be seen helping the Captain with deckhand work, assisting the Chef with a spectacular meal, or keeping the boat clean and tidy for all to enjoy. Kat is always up for any water activity. She enjoys paddle boarding, diving, wakeboarding, and swimming with sea creatures.

Your sailing experience is guaranteed to be enhanced with the contagious laughter, and fun Kat brings to the charter. She has worked in the service industry and understands the importance of comfort, fun, relaxation, and balance.

She can mix the perfect cocktail of mermaid water, or if you’re lucky, she will have some samples of her homemade Kombucha! Her down-to-earth personality will make it hard to leave, but you will cherish the memories she helps create.

Raving Reviews

Dear Loic, Kat and CK (AKA Captain Kirk/Captain Sweet Tooth)
Thjank you for the trip of a lifetime! It exxceeded all our expectations. We are so grateful the Dragonfly got struck by lighteneing. Everuthing happens for a reason. We spent the lasy year planning this adventure and each of you helped make it so special. Kat’s infectioius smile and incredible laugh brightens every morning. Loic created culinary master pieces for each and every meal. CK’s daily brief was on point, his skill and experience madeus all feel so comfortable + safe. Every location + stop was a hit. Here are a few words to describe our trip:
*Real wave * Barracuda *Kat’s Painkillers *Casa Blanca * The Hike *Necker Tour * Sailor Boy Baron *It’s waterproof *Fungi *Gumption *Nauti but Nice * White Night/Willy T *Oreos * Broken Foil *Full Moon party…

Chef prepared Tuna aboard JAN'S FELION
Chef prepared Tuna aboard JAN’S FELION
Mike ,Heather, Meags, Mike, Stacey, Baron, Scott and Sarah

“What an amazing week…we gathered from all over…Colorado, Wilmington, NC Toronto, Grand Is/ and NY + Ohio. We had no idea what an amazing week we would experience….The BVI’s are special but the crew took the trip to a whole other level .. you are so good at what you do… with food better than any restaurant on the island and a positive and cheery attitude that welcomes all, Captain Kirk made us all feel so safe & you knew he always has your back, the quiet steady presence of a true professional..And Kat, the glue that kept us all together, enjoying the trip + taking care of our every need. We will have life long memories thanks to you three…Back to the real world but remembering our amazing week in the BVIs.
Thank you for an awesome week,
The Stones ( + Krissy too!)”

“Thank you so much, Kat, Nia & Captain Kirk ! We had a wonderful time. You truly are the best of the best. Hard to go home to snowy Colorado but we will always have these wonderful memories to warm us. Hope to see you all again soon.

Kim+ Rick Stone”

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$37,000 - $42,000 /wk
  • 4 Cabins
  • 64.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2018

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