“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

Learn why people love the fabulous BVI catamaran ZINGARA where the enchanting spirit of the lovely Contessa Zingara lives on, through the decadent delights that await you and the passion woven through every hidden corner. You are invited to leave your cares ashore and be seduced by the legacy.

  • Year Built & Builder; 2006 Silhouette
  • 76 feet
  • 10 Guests, 5 Cabins
  • 1 King & 4 Queens
  • 4 Crew
BVI Catamaran ZINGARA Flybridge Lounge
Flybridge Lounge aboard ZINGARA

Get to know your crew of 4 aboard ZINGARA

Captain Hugh White | BVI Catamaran ZINGARA

Growing up in Pretoria, South Africa Hugh spent his youth on the water where his passion for water sports and sailing emerged at an early age. He is an avid fisherman and is passionate about life on the water. Upon graduating, Hugh went straight into yachting and completed a Mediterranean season in France where his interest in the industry grew.

Followed by a 12,000 nm delivery which included two Atlantic crossings and sailing up the east coast of Africa, Hugh’s enthusiasm for sailing, fishing, and diving only increased and flourished. Hugh spent two years sailing through the Caribbean as the first mate where he worked on a catamaran that spent most of its time chartering in the British Virgin Islands, with this experience he is extremely knowledgeable on the best locations for making your charter unforgettable. He looks forward to welcoming you on board BVI Catamaran ZINGARA and creating the trip of a lifetime.

Chef Maxine Hughes

BVI Catamaran ZINGARA Crew
Crew of BVI Catamaran ZINGARA

Born and raised along the coast in the Eastern Cape of South Africa – Maxime thrived as she came to realize her love of the sea. After completing a Hospitality Management degree and working a further 3 years in various luxury environments, she finally combined her passion for the ocean with the experience gained and grew her skillset to work in yachting and explore the rest of the world. She started her career as a sole stewardess on a sailing yacht in Monaco and began her first circumnavigation, embarking on an extraordinary adventure sailing the world. Following this, she joined the Oyster World Rally, also participating in the Oyster Antigua Regatta which really ignited her passion and love for sailing.

Having done a circumnavigation while first working as a stewardess and then becoming a chef, she has prepared food in various parts of the world and therefore her cuisine is beautifully diverse and influenced by global flavors. During her career she has sailed over 50 000 nm thus far, sailing through the North and South Atlantic, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean Sea. Maxime is a vibrant and positive individual, whose caring attitude shines even while working under pressure. She strives to create a guest-centered environment, catering to your needs and specific tastes.
She looks forward to having you onboard and satisfying all your culinary needs.

Deckhand & Dive instructor James Webb | BVI Catamaran ZINGARA

Originating from the south coast of England, James has never been too far from the ocean. After being taught how to scuba dive by his father and gaining an overwhelming urge to see the world, James traveled to Thailand to become a scuba instructor where he would spend the next 5 years mastering his craft.

To gain a better understanding of the diving industry, he then moved to places such as the Cayman Islands. As well as Barbados, Bahamas, and Mexico. Where he would gain much experience and simultaneously, realize a love for the Caribbean. As well as, discover a real sense of adventure that would be working on boats. James has set a goal of becoming a captain and one day owning his own boat.

For more BVI diving info check out our article 7 Amazing BVI Diving Spots.

Stewardess & Dive Instructor Erin Macia

Erin was born in Mexico City and moved to Europe when she was 13. She obtained a degree in Hospitality and Business Management in Valencia, Spain. After spending a few years working in the hospitality industry. She then went to Japan to spend a year in a silent Buddhist monastery. where she learned to connect with nature which in turn, helped her decide on her next venture. Moving to Thailand and starting a career in the scuba diving industry. Once she became an instructor, she worked in different countries, sharing her love for the ocean. She is now combining her two passions while working in the yacht industry. All while enjoying being part of the crew of BVI Catamaran ZINGARA

UPDATE: There are new crew members aboard Zingara.

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$47,300 - $54,000 /wk
  • 5 Cabins
  • 76.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2006
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board

Outstanding Reviews for the BVI Catamaran ZINGARA

This was our first family charter ever and we have already decided that we need to go on another charter on Zingara. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It is truly like sailing in a 5-star hotel, only you have beautiful sunny days sailing on crystal clear waters. The crew, the meals, and all the activities were top notch. The amenities are all as described and even better. Who can resist being waited on by staff ready to provide all requests expertly and always with a smile? None in the family wanted the trip to end. We could have stayed another week if we could have.

-The Aguera Family
BVI Catamaran ZINGARA Chef Prepared Meal
ZINGARA Chef Prepared Meal

We just returned from an epic adventure on board Zingara. Captain Cami was very professional and extremely knowledgeable with every detail of Zingara. She tailored our vacation so that we could sail, allowed us to explore islands and take us to some of the best dive spots in the BVI’s. We were so appreciative of her efforts helping us obtain our BVI entry approvals and PCR testing for return to the US.

Our chef Katie was outstanding! She worked countless hours in the galley preparing delicious meals and snacks for us. Katie made each meal using local foods and even grows fresh herbs on board! The highlight at each meal was of course dessert. We are still raving about Katie’s banoffee (banana and toffee) pie!

Alex and Uri, our deck hand and stewardess and dive instructors were so fun and entertaining! They had many interesting stories to share about their world travels and took the upmost care of us. Uri was always ready to take us wakeboarding and water skiing whenever we wanted. Both Alex and Uri are exceptional divers. They put those of us who were beginners at complete ease and built our confidence and appreciation of sea life. The best part of each afternoon was trying Alex’s “cocktail of the day” which was her own unique concoction and a huge hit with all of us! Zingara is beautiful, in pristine condition and is very spacious even for our party of 9, but the warm and friendly crew on Zingara was what made our vacation truly unforgettable and a trip of a lifetime!

-The Stern Family

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