“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”

This British Virgin Islands sailing-itinerary will help you plan your next yacht charter vacation.

Catamaran Euphoria
Catamaran Euphoria

BVI Sailing-Itinerary 1

Day 1 – Marina Cay

Welcome to the BVI! Over a welcoming drink and lunch, your planned British Virgin Islands Sailing-Itinerary 1 will be discussed. Relax, settle in, and let the sparkling turquoise waters and clear blue skies remind you that you’re on vacation!

On your first day out at sea, we head over to Cistern Point off Cooper Island for an out-of-this-world snorkel or shallow dive. Cistern Point is noted for its photogenic ledges covered with brilliant corals, flowing gorgonians (i.e. Sea Rod and Sea Fan), and schools of tropical fish (i.e. Grey Snappers, Goatfishes, and Blue Tang). On the sea bed, you often see Southern Stingrays and Hawksbill Turtles eat the seagrass nearby. The sloping wall is strewn with large rocks under which hide Lobster, Grouper, and Squirrelfish. There are a series of shallow craters on the far side of the point that is interesting to explore as well.

Afterward, we sail to Marina Cay to anchor for the night. There are few places like the small Marina Cay. The flower-covered eight-acre island is ringed by a soft white sand beach. The island is nestled in a sheltered emerald-green lagoon whose shallow waters are always calm and lukewarm. A perfect place for a relaxing night swim and enjoy your first dinner on board. Finally in the BVI!

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor

Day 2 – Virgin Gorda (Yacht Harbor)

In the morning we take a look at the British Virgin Islands Sailing Itinerary. We then head to the third-largest and second-most populous island in the BVI, Virgin Gorda. Upon your arrival, we recommend a land tour down to The Baths. This unusual geologic formation, located on the southern end of the island, is a major tourist destination. At The Baths, the beach shows evidence of the island’s volcanic origins. Furthermore, huge granite boulders lie in piles on the beach, forming scenic grottoes, or caves, that are open to the sea.

North of the Baths is the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor. Here enjoy dinner on board, or head to The Bath and Turtle, one of the island’s favorite eateries. The Rendezvous Bar, located on the harbor’s edge, is an entertainment hotspot, sporting two flat-screen TVs and a live band.

Day 3 – Bitter End Yacht Club | An essential British Virgin Islands Sailing-Itinerary

Ahhhh…Another day in paradise! This morning you venture out of the yacht harbor for a great day of water sports at The Dog Islands. The Dog Islands, named for the barking sounds of the extinct Caribbean Seal, are a series of small islands in the Sir Francis Drake Channel. These islands are a Marine National Park and Seabird Refuge with great diving and snorkeling. In addition, they are a great windsurfing venue.

Flamingo Pond on Anegada
Flamingo Pond, Anegada

Day 4 – Anegada

Awaken to the tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee and bread, the prelude to a great breakfast. Then sail to Anegada, the most remote island in the BVI and home to the third-largest coral reef in the world. Due to its remote geography, sparse population (a couple of hundred people now), and indigenous culture, Anegada is truly a world apart. A pure coral island in the Caribbean, Anegada has its own distinctive geography, environment, and flora, and fauna.

The Anegada habitat is perfect for a wide variety of shorebirds, especially the elegant Roseate Flamingos, which have been restored to the island’s massive salt ponds on the western half of the island. On the east end of Anegada, you will want to check out the large piles of conch shells, some even forming small islands. If you love Lobster, you will want to have some in Anegada. This island is known for, and takes pride in, its reputation for excellent lobster.

Day 5 – Jost Van Dyke | Part of British Virgin Islands Sailing-Itinerary

Jost Van Dyke beckons with a stop at the uninhabited islands of Green Cay and Sandy Cay. Green Cay is an exciting dive and snorkel site. It has a series of pinnacles covered with brightly colored sponges and branching hydroid fans which shelter abundant marine life such as juvenile Angel Fish and Glassy Minnows, as well as Jacks, large Dog Snappers, schools of Barracuda and huge Tarpon. The action of the waves smoothed the beach composed entirely of coral. While a few hundred yards onto the island, there is a small shipwreck of a more modern-looking boat.

Sandy Cay

The post-card perfect little island of Sandy Cay is a gem in the ocean. Located between Tortola and Jost van Dyke. It is surrounded by picture-perfect, white sandy beaches that are speckled with clusters of rocks, green vegetation, and two lonely coconut palms. The British Virgin Islands is truly blessed to lay claim to such an enchanting little island. Tourists from all over the world enjoy sunbathing, excellent snorkeling, picnics, and exploring this special paradise in the sun.

Day 6 – Norman Island

Awake to another glorious day in the BVI and a breakfast to die for! Then, take a leisurely sail to Norman Island and explore The Caves. These three water-level caves at the base of cliffs are ideal for snorkeling and, if one goes deep enough into the cliffs, darkness makes the experience like a night dive. This is an excellent location to overnight. The island has no permanent inhabitants (other than wild goats), but there are a restaurant and bar named “Pirates”, located in The Bight. The old barge named the William Thornton (or “Willie T’s” to locals) operates as a bar and restaurant. A uniquely fun place to spend a couple of hours. These are two fun locations to enjoy a happy hour and a casual dinner.

Deadmans's Bay on Peter Island
Deadman’s Bay, Peter Island

Day 7 – Peter Island

Today, on your British Virgin Islands Sailing-Itinerary we sail to a large island known for its great beaches, Peter Island. Considered one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. Deadman’s Bay is but one of five beaches on Peter Island. Deadman’s Bay is huge and has several different beaches along its one-mile shoreline. It has good snorkeling at both ends and there is a Bar & Grill right on the beach for lunch. If you’re looking for a quiet stretch of sand, venture to the secluded Honeymoon Beach at the tip of the peninsula. Or charter over to the south side of the island and enjoy lovely White Bay, so named for its long, sparkling white sand and visited by only a few charter boats. You may want to dine ashore tonight at the famous, Tradewinds restaurant inside The Peter Island Resort. Their menu covers bistro and Asian-Caribbean cuisine. By all means, try the fresh-caught seafood nicely prepared with tropical coconut or mango-YUMMM!

Day 8 – Tortola | Highlight of British Virgin Islands Sailing-Itinerary

It’s your last day in the BVI! Have an early swim, savor the sunrise, have a leisurely breakfast, then it’s a short hop over to Tortola for one last hurrah!!! Smugglers Cove on the north shore of Tortola is one of the shining gems of the British Virgin Islands. Tucked away near the West End, with a half-moon white sand beach and surrounded by swaying palm trees, this cove offers excellent snorkeling, especially out at the eastern tip of the cove. The reef to the western edge has very nice diving options also. Swimming or just floating around in the crystal clear warm water is magnificent as well!

Say farewell to the BVI, and vow to return again soon, for it will be here waiting for you!

Whether it is deep-sea diving, snorkeling, or on-land sightseeing that interests you most, we will build a British Virgin Islands sailing itinerary that best suits your interests and desires. This is just a sample of what your yacht charter adventure in the British Virgin Islands may look like. Furthermore, weather – or other outside factors – may require your Captain to set an alternative course for the duration of your trip. “As the wind blows, so shall the sail”.

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