“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Children on vacation

BVI & Caribbean Yacht Charters offers the best vacations for kids. Instead of doing the same old trips upstate, why not enjoy a change of pace that both kids and parents will love!

That’s why you shoulf consideres chartering a sailboat in the British Virgin Islands for your next family vacation with the kids. Many yacht charters today are super kid-friendly offering a variety of fun activities and amenities just for the young ones.

Water toys like the Robodolphin are what makes yacht charters so great for kids. It’s easy to learn how to operate, all you do is maneuver the magnetic pebble to steer left and right. Robodolphin’s buoyant body ensures that riders stay safely on the surface.

Many families also prefer combining their yacht charter with a villa rental for an unforgettable stay & sail vacation on the water! This will give you time to explore both sides of the Caribbean. The wonderful sailing and the rich island life.

Let us help connect you & your family with the perfect yacht charter, luxury villa, or family resort for one of the best vacations for kids!

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