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Dreaming On

Allow Belize Charter Catamaran DREAMING-ON to take you on a voyage of discovery in Belize.

Belize Charter Catamaran Dreaming-ON
Laughing Bird Caye

Geoff and Iza are happy to report that the government of Belize has removed many hurdles imposed on the charter industry. Based on this great news, Geoff and Iza have decided to make DREAMING ON once again available to charter. Their island project on FUNK CAY is progressing. It now has a thatched palapa on their dock and a helipad. Charters can stop for sunset cocktails under the palapa. Enjoy the amazing snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding on and around the pristine reef surrounding the island.

Belize Yacht Charter catamaran DREAMING ON has been cruising around the fabulous blue waters of Belize for the past five years. Enjoy superb scuba diving, idyllic remote anchorages, and entire islands to yourself. In case you haven’t heard, Belize has the second-longest barrier reef in the world! The snorkeling and diving here are absolutely superb. In fact, most yachties agree that Belize offers the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Why Choose BELIZE Charter Catamaran Dreaming-On Yacht Charters?

Belize has approximately 450 cays, mostly scattered along the inside of the barrier reef offering an endless variety of itineraries. Here you’ll find incredible blue water and miles of reef to explore.

Belize is quiet, with no busy anchorages, and when out in the remote chain of cays, away from the mainland, the night sky is just phenomenal. Fantastic natural features such as the Blue Hole and deserted lagoons and cays abound. If you are there from March to early June, you may see whale sharks migrate along the coast.

Placencia is an eclectic and cosmopolitan little village, offering unique island beach bars and restaurants. Accommodation here ranges from very basic guesthouses up to a few small low-key resorts. The best of the bunch is probably Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn.

About the Yacht

DREAMING ON is a luxurious Leopard 47 catamaran offering a very spacious interior with 3 queen-size guest cabins, all with en-suite facilities. The large cockpit is great for socializing, relaxing, and dining in comfort. Furthermore, there are loads of deck and trampoline spaces for sunning and relaxing in the double hammock.

Belize yacht charter catamaran DREAMING ON offers an array of water toys and water sports for your enjoyment. And, fresh fish is always on the menu! Who knows what the local catch will be? Snapper, Grouper, Snook, Hogfish, Cobia, Conch, or Shrimp?

DREAMING ON never operates the same itinerary twice. They always tailor the itineraries to the guests’ preferences and pace. Charters typically start in Placencia and sailing itineraries cover the southern cays, as far north as Southwater Caye, and as far south as Ranguana Caye, both of which are situated right out on the barrier reef.

Private Island

DREAMING ON realizes that Belize offers tremendous potential and consequentially purchased the small island of Funk Caye, some 18 miles offshore from Placencia, in the south of Belize. Funk Caye is surrounded by beautiful reefs and is only 3 miles inside the Barrier Reef, the second-longest barrier reef in the world! Long-term plans are to develop the island but still provide facilities for the conservation and regeneration of coral for the local reefs and mangroves around the island.

BELIZE is truly one of the world’s last, relatively undiscovered travel destinations. Belize yacht charters have so much to offer: Incredible diving, snorkeling, island hopping, beaches, eco-tours, and wonderful sailing grounds. What’s more, no chilly winds or over-crowded anchorages to disrupt your perfect sailing vacation!

Belize Yacht Charter Catamaran Dreaming On

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