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Visit Jost Van Dyke on Bareboat Charters in the BVI

Transform your island-hopping escapades into a luxurious adventure with your own personal boat. Bareboat Charters in the BVI offer the freedom to explore the islands’ beauty on your terms. You’re the captain of your journey, free to go where you please and do as you wish. With countless islands to discover and a plethora of activities to enjoy, the adventure is yours to seize.

Picture yourself escaping into this paradise without a crew, free from the constraints of time. It’s the dream vacation everyone yearns for! On a bareboat charter, you’ll master new skills like scuba diving and snorkeling, or tantalize your taste buds with new cuisines ashore.

Awaken to fresh adventures each day on secluded beaches, where tranquility awaits. If the allure of bareboat chartering resonates with you, allow us to transform your dream vacation into reality. We’re here to help you find the ideal boat and take care of all the details for your voyage.

Do you meet the qualifications for bareboat chartering?

When you’re going on a sailing holiday, there’s a sea of factors to consider. So, what’s the key to qualifying for bareboat chartering in the BVI?

In the British Virgin Islands, there’s no mandatory certification or license for bareboat chartering. However, prior skippering experience on the type of boat you wish to charter—be it a sail or power yacht—is essential. While the BVI provides an ideal backdrop for novice sailors, mastering skills like anchoring, docking, and navigating the trade winds is vital for bareboat qualification.

Additionally, while on charter in the Virgin Islands, you have the chance to earn bareboat certification. Immerse yourself in days filled with learning the ropes of sailing. With a 7-night charter, you’ll have plenty of time to attain your “Bareboat Certification.”

Although liveaboard cruising is an option, bareboat qualification in the BVI still requires prior skippering experience.

Are you worried you’re not qualified to bareboat charter?

Even if your sailing experience is not quite enough, you can still qualify for bareboat chartering in the BVI. Charter companies basically provide a check-out skipper to accompany you until you’re confident with the yacht. This skipper not only handles navigation but also imparts valuable sailing knowledge.

If you’re new to boating, having a skipper on board for a bareboat charter provides the ideal solution. Alternatively, you can choose a crewed yacht with a captain and chef, ensuring a smooth and fun voyage.

What types of boats are available for bareboat charters in the BVI?

Your vessel choice—be it a motor yacht, a sailing catamaran, or a classic monohull—is determined by your level of sailing experience.

The British Virgin Islands is a dream destination for first-time charterers. With the short distances between islands, usually no more than a three-hour sail away, the adventure is both fun and relaxing. Plus, you’ll find mooring buoys everywhere, making navigation a breeze in the crystal clear waters.

The BVI welcomes all ages! You can visit two islands in a day, each with white sand beaches and plenty to explore, including bars and restaurants.

Get ready to sail on bareboat charters with BVISAIL!

On a bareboat charter, discover the iconic wonders of the BVI, from the enchanting beauty of The Baths in Virgin Gorda to the lively atmosphere of the Soggy Dollar Bar in Jost Van Dyke. Or delve into the vibrant marine life of Anegada for a wonderful experience.

If you’re still undecided, let us help you choose the perfect bareboat yacht charter in the BVI for your adventure!

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