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With a 7-night Exumas charter sample itinerary, you can witness the amazing Exumas Islands. Guests can explore the vibrant culture, white sand beaches, and stunning views that await you. Get an overview of the best that the Exumas have to offer during a 7-night charter sample itinerary.

The Yellow Bank acts as a gateway to various Exuma Cays. So, know more about planning an itinerary, the recommended stopovers like Staniel Cay with swimming pigs, and popular anchorages.

Where are the Exuma Cays?

The Exuma Cays, famous for their “swimming pigs”, is an island chain in the Bahamas located east-southeast of Nassau. From Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, go about 35 miles (56 kilometers) east-southeast. From there, the Exuma Cays stretch out for roughly 90 miles (145 kilometers) in a gentle arc, curving further southeast.

How many days will it take to explore the Exumas?

Honestly, the number of days to explore the Exumas depends on how you picture it to be. The Exumas boast 365 cays and islands, which can be overwhelming to see in one go. But that’s where chartering a private yacht comes in! It lets you create your perfect itinerary at your own pace.

Many guests usually focus on the Little Exuma and Great Exuma, known for their stunning beaches, secluded coves, and charming towns. Even in these areas, there’s so much to discover!

With a private yacht, some guests spend a blissful day relaxing on pristine beaches, while others explore for a week or more, diving into island life. It’s entirely up to you! Let me know what kind of experience you’re looking for and we can craft the perfect itinerary for your dream Exuma adventure.

Day 1 – Warderick Wells

Join your yacht in the spectacular Atlantis Marina on Bahamas Nassau’s Paradise Island. Stop at the famous Straw Market to pick up a wide-brimmed hat and woven tote for shelling.

Later, you’ll anchor off Warderick Wells to trail across the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. A marine preserve with brilliant coral reefs. In short, what a way to start your trip.

Day 2 – Staniel Cay | 7-night exumas charter sample itinerary

En route to Staniel Cay yacht club in the Exumas, Bahamas, you may want to stop at Pig Cay. A protected anchorage perfect for watersports. Feeding the wild swimming pigs can be fun as well.

Swimming Pig in Staniel Cay Bahamas
Swimming Pig in Staniel Cay Bahamas

Then it’s off to Thunderball Grotto, where James Bond escaped the bad guys in the movie. Of course, it is now rich with much friendlier tropical fish. Specifically radiantly colored marine life. This is a great place to snorkel!

Then, glide along the Fowl Cay. A side of the island resort in the Exuma cays where you can see luxurious villas and beautiful beaches. In addition, you can enjoy snorkeling and diving there.

Day 3 – Compass Cay

Compass Cay is midway up the Exuma’s. You’ll find friendly nurse sharks at the dingy dock on Compass Cay Marina. They will wiggle onto the dock for you to pet them.

Likewise, you can visit Rachel’s Bubble Bath. In other words, this crystal-clear blue lagoon is a natural pool full of bubbles. Ocean waves spill over its edge, as a turquoise-watered paradise awaits you.

Day 4 – Shroud Cay

Starting with the peaceful seclusion of Hawksbill Cay for snorkeling and then indulging in the resort life on Shroud Cay. This outback Cay is part of the Exuma Land & Sea Park. It is a nursery for sea turtles, conch, lobster, and an endless variety of fish.

Explore the tidal creek by tender to view the wildlife. Take a hike to the highest vantage point for an incredible panoramic view. And then enjoy an icy piña colada on the soft sand beach. At night, savor the spa pool under the stars.

Day 5 – Highbourne Cay | 7-night Exumas charter sample itinerary

On the way to Highbourne Cay, a must-stop is Allan’s Cay. Go ashore to feed fruit to the tame iguanas. They are dragon-like throwbacks to prehistoric times. Additionally, the Bahamas Exumas is the only location in the world where these endangered rock iguanas live.

Swing past Norman’s Cay. This area has a rich history, with remnants of wrecked planes that became an underwater attraction over the years. In addition, there are fascinating ruins to explore in Highbourne Cay which was a watermelon plantation.

Day 6 and 7 -Harbour Island

The Bahamas’ Harbour Island is famous for its coral-pink sand and the Devil’s Backbone. This reef has caused marine havoc for centuries. Therefore, hiring a pilot is wise to navigate this dangerous reef. But it can be one of the most attractive places in the Exumas to snorkel or dive for remnants of shipwrecks.

Also, enjoy the marina at “Bri’land.” Rent a golf cart, the primary mode of transportation. And explore the narrow streets lined with pastel-colored houses.

Above all, do have a drink at the Pink Sands Resort. And then wiggle your toes in the aptly-named sands.

Day 8 – Nassau | 7-night Exumas charter sample itinerary

Back at Nassau, you’ll want to leave time to explore the Atlantis Marine Habitat and stroll through its clear tunnel surrounded by sharks. In addition, you might want to Tee off at the Ocean Club Golf Course. You will undoubtedly enjoy a refreshing play on a championship course with spectacular views of the beautiful Bahamian coastline.

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