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The uninhabited Dog Islands are about 6 miles northeast of the main island of Tortola and about 2.5 miles northwest of Virgin Gorda in the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Scuba diving or snorkeling The Dogs on the way to or from North Sound when on a BVI Yacht charter is worth doing.

The Dogs consists of 5 islets:

  • Great Dog Island
  • George Dog Island
  • West Dog Island (a BVI national park)
  • East Seal Dog Island
  • Little Seal Dog Island

At one time, Caribbean monk seals populated the area. These seals made a barking noise that sounded very much like a dog. When sailors moored there, they heard the seals and assumed that they were dogs. Since the sailors regarded the Caribbean monk seal as a good source of protein, they are now extinct.

The Dog Islands BVI have incredible dive sites.
The Dog Islands have incredible dive sites.


The climate is tropical, so you’ll find hot and sunny weather all year round. The rainy season is generally from May to October. During this time, the heat and humidity are higher, resulting in more precipitation. From November to April the islands are a bit cooler and there’s lower humidity and less rain.

Places to See and Things to Do

  • Dive. The Dogs are surrounded by incredible dive sites. Popular dive sites include The Chimney (Great Dog), Coral Gardens / Airplane Wreck (Great Dog) – 30-50 ft Novice, Seal Dog Rocks – 40-80 ft Novice / Intermediate, Bronco Billy (George Dog) – 20-45 ft Novice, Dolphin Rocks (George Dog) – 20-50 ft Novice, Wall To Wall (West Dog) – 30-75 ft Intermediate / Advanced, Joe’s Cave (West Dog) – 20-45 ft Novice, The Flintstones (West Dog) – 30-70 ft Intermediate.
  • Snorkel. Although the Dog area is well-known for the scuba diving, the shallow waters allow for some excellent snorkeling.

Marinas and Anchorages

The Dogs do not have any nearby marinas. However, there are mooring balls available. Your captain will take you to the very best spots

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