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Windward Islands, explore them on your Petite Martinique Yacht Charter
The Windward Islands. Explore them on your Petite Martinique Yacht Charter.

You will truly enjoy exploring this island on your Petite Martinique Yacht Charter. Petite Martinique (PM), together with Carriacou, belongs to the island State of Grenada. With 586 acres and a population of about 900, it is smaller than Carriacou. The capital is Hillsborough. It is located north of Grenada and south of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Windward Islands. The Piton is the highest elevation at 750 feet. Most of the inhabitants are of Indian, Scottish, Portuguese, French, and African heritage. The British influence is still present today. This small island is famous for its wooden boat-building. PM is mainly a sea-faring community. The crew of your chartered yacht will make sure you will not miss a single of the important sites to see. Escape the hustle of more populated areas and enjoy authentic small island living,

History of Petite Martinique

It is believed that Taino Native Indians lived here more than 1000 years ago. Artifacts like ceramic body ornaments and burial masks have been found. French settlers built roads in the 17th century. Cotton, sugar, and indigo plantations were established by the British in the 18th and 19th centuries. The first European founder of the island was a French fisherman called Mr. Pierre. He left his home island of Martinique in the early 1700s. In the search for new fertile lands to plant his crops. Legend states that Mr. Pierre thought that this island was shaped like Martinique, so he named it Petite Martinique. Consequently, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre, their children, and their slaves owned the island. Since 1974 it has been a dependency of Grenada.


The best time to visit this tropical island is between December and April since these are the months with the least amount of rainfall. There are two seasons, wet and dry. The dry season is between January and June. Trade winds dominate the climate. The rainy season is from July to December. Temperatures range from 81-90 F throughout the year. You will be able to enjoy the sea year round too as water temperatures remain at 79-86 F. The rainy season can provide a slight increase in tropical showers. They are usually brief and then give way to abundant sunshine.

Places to See

  • Darant Bay Cave – Explore this hidden cave located in Darant Bay. One of Petite Martinique’s hidden gems. Only accessible at low tide. You can view Petite St Vincent and Union Island from Darant Bay.
  • The Piton – At 750 feet the highest elevation on the island. Once at the top, you will see northern Petite Martinique as well as nearby Grenadines islands like Petit St Vincent, Union Island, Palm Island, Mayreau, Canouan, and Mustique.
View the sunset from your Petite Martinique Yacht Charter Manna
View the sunset from your Petite Martinique Yacht Charter Manna

Things to Do on your Petite Martinique Yacht Charter

  • Hiking – A very popular activity on Petite Martinique is a hike to the Piton. At 750 feet it is the highest peak on the island. For this reason we recommend a guided hike. From the top, you are rewarded with magnificent views of northern Petite Martinique as well as the nearby Grenadines islands like Union Island and Palm Island, Petit St Vincent, Canouan and Mustique.
  • Walking Tour of Petite Martinique – If you want to know about the island’s unique traditions and history, contact Akeisha of Bamboo Adventure Tours. This very knowledgeable inhabitant will even take you to the top of Piton if you so desire.
  • Beaches – Sanchez Beach, Mang Beach, Pebble Beach. Beaches on this island are secluded. As a result, they offer no amenities so please come prepared.

More Things to Do

  • Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Surfing – The best location is Sanchez Beach. Have the crew of your Petite Martinique Yacht Charter take care of whatever you need for these activities. They will provide you with all the watersports equipment.
  • Swimming, Snorkeling, Family picnic – Mang Beach. The calmer waters of this area are well suited for these activities.
  • Whitsuntide Regatta Festival – Petite Martinique is famous for its wooden boat building. This regatta showcases a unique blend of local boat racing and plenty of on-shore activities. Events are highlighted by the incredible hospitality of the inhabitants.
  • Witnessing the launching of a new boat – On Petite Martinique, this is indeed a very special affair. The boat owner organizes the event, but everybody on the island is present. Singing of hymns begin the ceremony. The priest’s blessing follows that. Then the owner’s wife performs a christening ritual at the bow.
  • Petite Martinique Wedding – Should your good fortune allow your visit to coincide with a wedding, you are certainly in for a very special treat. Weddings on Petite Martinique are truly an extraordinary and very extravagant ritual, steeped in tradition. The custom encompasses six cultural events. Cake dancing and flag dancing are rituals unique only to this island. In Petite Martinique, marriage is the unity of two families as well as the two getting married.

Gastronomy Highlights

Native Specialties

Fresh seafood is Petite Martinique’s specialty. Other Caribbean favorites like lambie and callaloo soup are popular.

Notable Restaurants

  • Palm Beach Restaurant and Bar – A very pleasant family restaurant, offering Caribbean cuisine. Immanuel offers pickups from yachts with his speedboat. They also have two moorings for guests. Sit in a pretty garden, shaded by palmsig right on the beach with a picturesque view of the harbor and neighboring islands. They serve seafood from the local fishing fleet. Other dishes include chicken or pork and their delicious callaloo soup. Try the grilled lobster or cracked conch.
  • Eclipse Sports Bar and Grill – Are you craving a burger and fries, pizza, or chicken wings? This is the place for you. They even stay open a lot of nights until midnight.

Petite Martinique offers a very relaxed atmosphere. Please sit back with one of their tropical cocktails and savor the ambiance. Engage in friendly conversations, enjoy excellent service, fantastic views, and delicious, fresh food.

Marinas and Anchorages


Petite Martinique does not have a marina. Nearby Carriacou and Grenada offer several.


Anchorages are at the Petite Martinique Town Dock. Located at the north of PM. It is a beautiful little anchorage. The anchor holds up well in the sandy bottom. Find your space here between the fishermen or at Albert Bay in the northwest of the island.

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