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Dolphin Splash

Virgin Islands catamaran Dolphin Splash has a crew ready to handle anything

virgin islands catamaran dolphin splash
Catamaran Dolphin Splash

I was invited to enjoy a broker’s breakfast onboard Virgin Islands catamaran Dolphin Splash at the 2015 BVI Boat Show and was very impressed with the courteous service and attention to detail I experienced. Captain Jason and Chef Kate, both wearing their white uniforms, greeted each guest with a refreshing chilled washcloth as we stepped on board and were escorted to our seats. Coffee, tea and juice were served with fresh yogurt, homemade muesli and fruit while Kate whipped up made-to-order crepes for each of us. Each bite was delicious and the meal was a testament to the spirit of the crew, as I came to find out later their experience at the boat show was no easy task.

If you’ve ever watched ducks glide across a pond, you’ve probably noticed how peaceful and serene they look. Little do you know, their feet are paddling furiously below the water’s surface; the duck’s action seems effortless.

The same compliment can be paid to the crew on Virgin Islands catamaran charter Dolphin Splash. Captain Jason and Chef Kate arrived at the boat show and were met with several unexpected challenges. They were a new crew on the docks and new to Dolphin Splash, which was, for the most part, lacking in all the basic provisions they had planned to have. The two weren’t dissuaded at all by their circumstances, but rather they rose to the occasion and impressed everyone by their hard work, creativity, and ingenuity and were able to get Dolphin Splash ‘show ready’ virtually overnight. What was truly remarkable is that they didn’t miss a beat and brokers visiting the boat had no idea the struggles this crew overcame as the boat looked amazing and both Jason and Kate were friendly and professional throughout the show.

That kind of effort and attitude ensures a successful charter experience. Guests on charter with Dolphin Splash in the Caribbean Virgin Islands would almost be unaware of any unexpected challenges that might arise, as Jason and Kate would no doubt handle any situation beautifully.

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