Things to do in Martinique


Looking for Fun & Adventure in Martinique?

These are Two things to do in Martinique:

1. Visit the 17th-century Fort Saint-Louis

Let us arrange for you a guided tour of this recently restored 17th-century fort, which just opened to the public. Originally carved from a rocky promontory jutting out into The Bay of Fort-de-France, Fort Saint-Louis has expanded in concert with The City of Fort-de-France since its initial opening in 1640, eventually covering an area in excess of 473 612 square feet. At its highest point, the fort now towers nearly 200 feet over the city and the bay, making it one of the first things visitors see when approaching the city from the sea.

2. Visit the Martinique Zoo

Take a unique zoological experience featuring monkeys, jaguars, pumas, Lories, giant anteaters, and more in a pristine rainforest setting.

The plantation dates back to 1643 and is among the oldest in Martinique. Low-impact walking trails wind throughout the property in the shadow of the towering Pitons du Carbet, allowing visitors to easily explore wildlife from Australia, Africa, and South and Central America in a truly singular setting.

MORE Things to do in Martinique

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