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The Caribbean island of Martinique has become more popular for U.S. travelers over the past few years since airlines began offering more accessible routes. The country is known for its natural beauty, crystal blue waters, scenic vistas, French history, and Creole culture. Its diverse nature appeals to American travelers looking for a remote destination in the Windward Islands with a lot to explore.

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Visit the 17th-Century Fort Saint-Louis

Located in Fort de France city center, Fort Saint Louis witnessed Martinique’s history. Today it is an active base for French National Navy and offers spectacular sea views. There are many things to see in this place like historic fortification buildings, dungeons, etc. You can also visit the museum inside the fort that showcases some old artifacts found there when it was excavated.

Visit the Martinique Zoo

Visit Martinique Zoo in Fort-de-France, Martinique! Located inside the Latouche House dated 1643, visitors can walk on a didactic path arranged to discover animals and interact with them like one of the immersion aviaries of the zoo. This enchanting setting contains animals such as monkeys, jaguars, pumas, lorikeets, great anteaters, and raccoons. This is a zoo you are sure to remember!

Explore Diamond Rock

With over 175 meters (Also an exceptional diving area), Diamond Rock’s beautiful peaks tower majestically over the beach, and the municipality is named in its honor. The French Overseas Department of Martinique is a picture-perfect Caribbean destination where the clear blue ocean meets the white sand. And while it’s hard to choose one destination over the other, one of the most popular spots is the 175-meter-high Diamond Rock.

Hike Mount Pelee

Experience the thrill of a lifetime on the best hike in Martinique at 1,397 meters above sea level!

Overlooked by most, this ancient active volcano last erupted in 1929. It also produced a devastating eruption on 8 May 1902, reducing the town of Saint-Pierre to ashes and killing 30,000 in just a few minutes.

The lush green slopes of Mount Pelée overlook the Martinique coast, enticing hikers to ascend its gentle slopes. Unfortunately, on a cloudy day, the mountain becomes hidden by clouds, but a clear day offers spectacular views of the mountain, ocean, and surrounding areas. Make sure to take your camera!

Visit a rum distillery and/or sugar plantation.

After being destroyed by fire, a glimpse into the birthplace of Empress Josephine is worth the time. The main plantation house was destroyed by fire, but much of the plantation remains. The sugar mill and outbuildings have been well maintained and restored. The museum doesn’t have abundant artifacts; however, it does an excellent job of presenting them.

Relax and enjoy the perks of being in Martinique on a tour of the island’s most unmissable attractions, including a rum distillery. Martinique has quite a few rum distilleries you can tour, enjoy a tasting, and purchase that perfect local rum you discover!

Visit Saint Pierre

Travel to Saint-Pierre and see the past come alive. It was home to what once was the most important town in Martinique. And is now known as the Paris of the Caribbean. All changed when Mount Pelée erupted in 1902, destroying Saint-Pierre and killing thirty thousand people.

Check out Ajoupa-Boullion village

Visit Les Ombrages at the base of Mount Pelée, a famous village for its colorful flowers. Explore Gorges de la Falaise, a beautiful series of small gorges along the Falaise River that lead to an enchanting waterfall.

Martinique’s magical gastronomy

When you think of a Caribbean island, the word magic might come to mind. But the kind of magic found in Martinique is more than just spectacle. Cooking in Martinique is an art practiced by wizardly chefs who can take a very common ingredient like spiny sea urchins and work magic with them. With just a whisper of open sesame, they bring forth a soufflé that is positively spellbinding. Moreover, Martinican cuisine is a unique combination of African, French, and Caribbean traditions.

Jardin de Balata Botanical Garden

Now for something unique. Jardin de Balata is a botanical garden with exotic plants from around the world that inspire creative insights in anyone with the slightest urge to create. This garden was designed to reflect the landscape of nearby Antillean islands like Guadeloupe.

La savane des esclaves open air museum

things to do in martinique
La Savane des Esclaves in Les Trois Ilets in Martinique

Don’t miss this nostalgic site located in Trois-Ilets, Martinique. Built by Gilbert Larose to preserve and make you aware of the history of this island. Open to the public for a few months now; La Savane des Esclaves has already seen over 10,000 visitors from across the globe. Come to explore its grounds with many discovering what it was like for those who lived their daily lives here many centuries ago.

Les Salines Beach one of the Things to do in Martinique

Les Salines beach offers some of the best scuba diving on the planet. Its 1,200 meters of golden sand, swaying palm trees, and perfect semi-circular shape is a sight to behold. The stunning location is complemented by the beach’s excellent facilities, including toilet facilities and a shaded eating area. In addition to stunning views and cabanas to rent. Furthermore, lockers to store your belongings in, showers, outdoor and indoor seating, and BBQ pits to cook on. As well as umbrellas to rent, windsurfing equipment to rent, and food to purchase at reasonable prices.

Sainte Anne on the Seaside

A truly breathtaking region, Sainte-Anne offers visitors everything they could ask for. From crystal blue waters perfect for swimming to serene views that invite you to take a walk. Furthermore, enjoy endless outdoor adventures that take your breath away and beautiful French architecture at every turn. Home to the most beaches of any municipality in Martinique, there’s plenty for sun-seekers to enjoy. When you’re not at the beach, a short hike will take you to one of Sainte-Anne’s lovely coastline gems, like Salines Bay.

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