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The Caribbean’s culinary capital is a surprise can come as a surprise to those not in-the-know. However having experienced the ‘culinary capital’ a few times myself, I am no longer surprised. This place is bustling with both local and island visitors, while a rich history of food developed from a variety of cuisines has created a food lover’s paradise.

So just where is the Caribbean’s culinary capital?

“Where is the Mecca of Caribbean food, the singular place that draws foodies and gourmands and adventurers?

Where is the epicentre of great Caribbean chefs and great cooking?

There are so many contenders.

There is great food in Anguilla. Any time of day you will find a serious meal prepared seriously, whether at a barbecue stand or De Cuisine.

There are great meals, too, in San Juan, where more and more chefs are opening bold restaurants like Yantar and Jose Enrique.

And in Martinique you will find food you won’t see anywhere else, with world class produce and rum and French attention to detail; the foie gras and banana dish at La Cave a Vins is one of the great tastes in the hemisphere.


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Each island in the Caribbean has its own flavor and cuisine traditions. One of the staples is curry and roti with a local touch. Cruise to the Caribbean’s culinary capital on your next charter!

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