“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
St Croix, BVI

St Croix Buccaneer Resort Swim Event

The Mermaid Beach serves as a finish line for a world-class swimming event.

Calling All Swimmers: The 18th annual St. Croix Coral Reef Swim is set for Sunday, October 13, 2013.

Founded by Elizabeth Armstrong, owner and General Manager of The Buccaneer, this one, two, and five-mile swim competition attracts Olympians and novices from around the globe.

Located in the US Virgin Islands

All proceeds go to the care of the East End Coral Reef Assoc. of St Croix. 


St. Croix is off the beaten path for the Yacht Charter in the Virgin Islands. However, it is a perfect destination with beaches, reefs for snorkeling, wall scuba diving, and a bio-luminescence bay for kayaking in the early evening. In addition, there are historical landmarks. Frederiksted and Christiansted are charming towns reflecting the European influence of architecture, town layout, and buildings.

A short sail from St. Croix is the marked snorkel trail and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Virgin Islands, which is a National Park.

Starting your yacht charter in St. Croix and cruising the area before sailing for the British Virgin Islands, then St. Thomas is an option.

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