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Jet set to the Caribbean in style! Here’s the best St Barts Yacht Charter Guide to ensure a delightful experience.

Tired of conventional getaways? Add a unique touch to your luxury Caribbean trip with a yacht charter. Experience St Barts, an iconic Caribbean gem, and make the most of your sailing voyage with these essentials and facts.

Imagine exploring the open waters, surrounded by an infinitely blue horizon with beautiful islands. A yacht charter vacation is the epitome of adventure and indulgence that cannot be matched.

Before your adventure, get informed on all things St Barts to ensure a stress-free and magical sailing experience. Have a peek at the latest information for an ultimate yacht charter experience.

Where is St Barts?

St Barthélemy or St Barts (St Barths) is in the heart of the French West Indies. The island is a true tropical paradise.

This stunning island is part of the Lesser Antilles. They are a group of islands comprising the Leeward Islands in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea.

On a St Barts map, it’s at 17°55 north and 62°50 west. Therefore, it’s in a prime location for soaking up some serious Caribbean sunshine.

Where is Gustavia St Barts?

Gustavia St Barts is a charming town and the capital of St Barts Island. Originally named Le Carénage, it was renamed Gustavia in honor of King Gustav III of Sweden.

Furthermore, Gustavia Harbor was crucial for ships that needed repair and shelter. Hence its initial name, which translated to “The Careening.” Gustavia’s Swedish influence can still be seen today, with a small but significant population of Swedish descendants in the area.

From its picturesque streets to its beautiful beaches, Gustavia is a must-see destination!

When was St Barts flag adopted? | St Barts Yacht Charter Guide

The flag of Saint Barthélemy is quite simple. It is composed of the French tricolor, which consists of three vertical bands in blue, white, and red. The flag was officially adopted in 2007 as an emblem of Saint Barthélemy’s political ties with France.

The French tricolor serves as Saint Barthélemy’s official flag. However, its unofficial flag consists of the island’s coat of arms, centered on a white field, displayed in public places.

The coat of arms of Saint Barthélemy features an anchor on a green field and is topped with the fleur-de-lis. Thus, it has become a source of pride for locals. In addition, it represents a strong sense of identity among islanders. Also, it is a reminder of the island’s status as an autonomous region within the French Republic.

Overall, the flag of Saint Barthélemy is a vivid symbol of the nation’s strong bond with France. It is also a reminder of the islanders of autonomy as part of the French Republic.

In flying it proudly, Saint Barthélemy citizens show that the island is their own. More so, its ties with the mother country are strong and unshakable. Thus, their small island will remain part of the Republic forever.

Nikki Beach from Eden Rock - St Barts Yacht Charter Guide
Nikki Beach St Barts

What is the best way to get to St Barts?

The fastest and easiest way to get to St Barts is by plane. Whether you prefer commercial or chartered flights, daily connections from neighboring islands to St Barths Airport (Rémy de Haenen Airport) make it a quick and easy journey.

For those who want to add an extra touch of luxury to their travels, Tradewind Aviation offers a stunning San Juan to St Barts route on their luxurious fleet. On the other hand, if you’re already in St Martin, you can book a quick flight from Princess Juliana Airport directly to St Barts.

How to travel from St Martin (St Maarten) to St Barts?

For those looking to sail to paradise, a luxury yacht charter provides the perfect route from St Martin (St Maarten) to St Barts. Unlike taking the ferries, which may be overcrowded, these private yachts offer a more personalized experience.

Plus, it’s stress-free! So, you only have to worry about packing the right clothes and enjoying your sail away vacation. Whether it be a half-day trip, a day trip, or a weeklong exploration, you can go where you want with an expert crew. They will guide you to the best destinations along the way.

And best of all, you’ll avoid the most crowded routes like other tourists and experience the islands from a truly unique perspective.

What are the St Barts entry requirements? | St Barts Yacht Charter Guide

If you’re ready for the Caribbean paradise of St Barts, you also have prepared the necessary documents to enter the island.

So, here’s a list of St Barts travel requirements that you should know before traveling:

The island welcomes US and Canadian nationals with only passports as their requirement.

Vaccinated travelers from both countries will only need the following:

  • A passport with at least three months of validity
  • No need to secure a visa as long as you don’t stay for more than three months.

Are there St Barts covid restrictions?

Currently, St Barts is open to vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests. So, NO, there are no covid restrictions on the island. However, non-vaccinated guests should present a negative PCR test before entry.

If the tourist test positive for covid, they must follow the country’s health and safety protocols which may include quarantine in government facilities and accredited hotels.

How’s St Barts Weather?

With an average temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s always fun to gear up for the beach in St Barts. It’s the ideal tropical weather because the skies are clear and the humidity is low. Not to mention the refreshing sea breeze often makes an appearance too.

During Winter

Although winter brings drier conditions, summer brings the bonus of rain. Yes, summer months mean afternoon thunderstorms in St. Barts, and occasional tropical cyclones (hurricanes) can hit too.

Summer Season

Despite the odd summer shower, however, you can still look forward to plenty of sunshine for the remainder of the season. Plus, with temperatures averaging a mild 82 degrees Fahrenheit in the peak summer months, you’ll never need to break a sweat during the hottest part of the day.

With such mild temperatures and breathtaking island beauty, it’s easy for tourists to plan their winter vacations to St. Barts. However, if you don’t want to worry about sharing the sun-soaked beaches with tourists, plan your trip in the shoulder months of the summer, May or June.

When is the hurricane season in St Barts?

Many travelers to St Barts may experience hurricane season from July to August. However, tourists can still make the most of this time by soaking up the beauty and exploring all the island’s wonders.

Therefore, if you book a stay during the hurricane season, it’s best to prepare for all eventualities. Pay close attention to local weather forecasts and ensure you have adequate insurance and supplies in an emergency.

So, whether you take a risk or avoid hurricane season altogether, stay up to date on the most current forecast so you can enjoy a relaxing and safe holiday on this beautiful island in the Caribbean.

What is St Barts timezone?

St. Barts follows Atlantic Standard Time (AST) all year round. AST time zone is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) and four hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-4). It is observed in several regions in North America, South America, and the Caribbean, including St. Barts.

In addition, St. Barts does not observe DST. It remains on Atlantic Standard Time throughout the year.

What currency is used in St Barts? | St Barts Yacht Charter Guide

If you’re planning a trip to this paradise, it’s better to have St Barts currency on hand — EURO. However, they also accept US dollars on the island if you don’t have euros.

So, whether you’re shopping for souvenirs, dining at a local restaurant, or hitting up the trendy boutiques in Gustavia, you can easily pay using either currency. Just check the exchange rate to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Book a Caribbean Yacht Charter to St Barts

If you want to sail in style, a Caribbean yacht charter to St Barts is a perfect way. St Barts, or St Barths or Saint Barthelemy, is a beautiful and luxurious island.

It’s popular for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, sophisticated nightlife, and its celebrity vacationers. The island of St Barts has chic hotels, beach clubs, and stunning villas that have attracted the rich and famous for decades.

Regarding luxury yachts, St Barts offers some of the best in the world. From sailing yachts to motor yachts, plenty of options are available for your charter. You can always book a personalized private yacht charter from deep sea fishing and St Barts boat excursions to snorkeling adventures.

When choosing a Caribbean yacht charter, it is important to research all the hotels, particularly in St Barts and nearby beach clubs. It will help you develop a short list of places to go to.

You can expect the highest quality regarding food, drinks, entertainment, and service with a yacht charter. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to cruise around St Barts.

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