“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Beach on St. Thomas, USVI

Looking for a different experience after sailing the US and British Virgin Islands? Then Spanish Virgin Islands yacht charters are a wonderful alternative. There are many things to do along with sailing, snorkeling, and diving in an area where the sea plant life is in abundance with multi-colored sea fans, sea rods, and all kinds of coral along with all the different colorful fish, stingrays & sea turtles.

Additionally, there is horseback riding through the mountains and beach, along with a kayak ride through the unique Bioluminescence Bay, hikes to the waterfalls in the rainforest, kayaking through the caves, and historical site tours, and canopy repelling in the treetops.  Just to mention a few things.

Sample Itinerary | Spanish Virgin Islands Charter

Here is a sample itinerary from Catamaran Solitude one of the crewed catamarans specializing in the Spanish Virgin Islands:

  • Fly into St. Thomas-board Solitude making yourself at home-enjoy a cool cocktail & beautifully exquisite dinner
  • Enjoy a beautiful snorkel off St. John or some fun water sports & Honeymoon Beach off Water Island      (1-2 days)
  • Sailing to Culebra-rest, enjoy a pristine snorkel off Tamarindo or Luis Pena & visit the famous Flamenco Beach  (1-2 days)
  • Sail to Vieques-snorkel, more water sports (rent-a-jet ski, if you wish), enjoy the nightlife along the beach boardwalk, go on a historical tour, take a horseback ride through the mountains & beach, in the evening kayak through the Bio Bay & swim with diamonds sparkling over your body (2-3 days)
  • Onto Puerto Rico-island hop the beautiful outer islands like Isla de Palominos, enjoy a hike in the rainforest splash in the waterfalls, kayak the caves, take a historical tour, gamble or dance into the nightlife, embark on a treetop canopy tour, or voyage on an ATV tour (1+days, you may choose to stay in a hotel for a few days to accomplish as many adventures as possible)
  • Bon voyage to Solitude-Fly out of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Caribbean Lady is another crewed yacht specializing in The Spanish Virgins. Its crew Tom and Anne along with “Moe” their beautiful dog actually live on Vieques – hence you will enjoy the area from a local guide. Here is their take on the area

We feel our niche is in the Spanish Virgin Islands with clients flying in and out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pricing includes ground transportation from and to the San Juan International Airport

Sincerely, Tom and Ann Mones
Esperanza Beach in Vieques in the Spanish Virgin Islands
The Spanish Virgin Islands

S/V Caribbean Lady 3 – the legend lives on

An Itinerary from Caribbean Lady:

·Pick Up at San Juan International transport to Puerto Del Rey.

· Sail to Los Palominos then sail to  Punto Arenas/Culebra.

·Overnight at Culebra Ensenada Dakity.

Day 2 | Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

Rendezvous Dive or Snorkel Luis Pena Day /afternoon trip to Dewey.

· Overnight at Ensenada Honda.

· Day Three

Rendezvous Dive or Snorkel  Isla Culebrita Overnight Ensenada Dakity

· Day Four

Vieques Sail to Vieques Bahia Salinas Lunch sail to Esperanza

· Day Five & Six

Vieques trips Bio-Bay Trail rides

· Day Six

Sail to Punta Arenas Overnight

· Day Seven | Spanish Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

Return to Puerto Del Rey, · Weather and seas permitting 

So for your next sailing vacation, I would suggest enjoying the Spanish Virgin Islands.

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