“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Great thatch island

Virgin Islands Catamaran Charter Nemo is a 47ft cruising catamaran that represents on of the best ways to exploring the incredible Caribbean. Step onboard this beautiful vessel and be blown away by the sheer space you will enjoy both below deck and above board!

Check out our Video on the Virgin Islands catamaran charter Nemo below.

Nemo comes with eco-compatability, including sustainable water and electricity. Which truly makes her a gift to and from nature.

“We’ve chosen to produce our own drinkable water by desalinating seawater and filtrating it with a specific reverse osmotic water purifier to guarantee its bacteriological pureness. The huge environmental benefit is not to use and waste hundreds of plastic bottles.

Onboard-produced water is kept cool (and sparkling if desired) using glass bottles, with the same method of yogurt production. Nemo is equipped with two 66 x 130 cm solar panels with 315 W/h energy production and two aeolian generators that satisfy all the energetic needs of common utilities such as light, battery chargers, fridge, and freezer, using the solar energy accumulated during day time and the Aeolic one gathered in every breezy moment, day and night.”

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