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Nanny Cay Marina is nestled in a tropical oasis garden and is located in the breathtaking Sir Francis Drake Channel. It’s a special place for people who love boating and also care about protecting the environment. The marina’s clever Pump-out Station keeps the marine ecosystem clean and healthy for boaters.

In this article, we will talk about how Nanny Cay Marina’s Pump-out Station helps boaters who care about the environment. We will also learn about other great things the marina offers and the services it provides.

Nanny Cay Marina: A Haven for Boaters

The Pump-out Station is on the ground floor of Nanny Cay Marina. It’s one of the great things you can find there. Boaters appreciate the marina as a full-sized, well-maintained place to dock their boats securely and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

The marina is conveniently located in the Sir Francis Drake Channel, allowing easy access to beautiful cruising destinations. It’s also close to other islands, so it’s a great place to start your boating adventures.

Restaurants in Nanny Cay Marina

There are many restaurants in Nanny Cay Marina. They have different types of food for people who visit or come by boat. These places make it easy and fun to eat there. You can see nice views of the marina and the water while you eat.

The restaurants at Nanny Cay Marina try to please different kinds of tastes. If you want Caribbean food, food from other countries, or fresh seafood, they have it. They have casual cafes and fancy restaurants by the water. They have something for everyone, no matter what you like or why you’re there.

Island Roots

Island Roots is a really interesting restaurant. People love it for its vibrant atmosphere and mouthwatering Caribbean cuisine. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming vibe that makes dining there a special and different experience. Plus, it’s located by the water and shows off the amazing food traditions of the Caribbean.

Peg Leg Landing

Peg Leg Landing is a really nice restaurant. People like it because it has a relaxed feel. Located by the water, it’s a great place to eat whether you’re local or visiting.

The restaurant got its name from a famous pirate called “Peg Leg.” This pirate theme gives the place a cool and fun vibe with a touch of the Caribbean. Peg Leg Landing makes you feel comfortable and welcome while you eat. They do this by decorating the place with a simple, old-fashioned style and having outdoor seating.


Omar’s is a very popular restaurant that people love. It is well-known for its delicious food and friendly atmosphere. The restaurant’s lovely waterfront views make it a fantastic dining spot for both visitors and boaters.

At Omar’s, they are proud of the fact that they serve a variety of food from different countries. You can enjoy tasty seafood, yummy steaks, and delicious pasta dishes. They have a wide range of options, so you can find something you like no matter what you’re craving.

Genaker Cafe

At Nanny Cay Marina, the Genaker Cafe serves delicious food for both boat owners and visitors. The café has a nice atmosphere and serves a variety of delicious dishes that will make everyone happy.

Whether you want a big breakfast, a small lunch, or a fancy dinner, the Genaker Cafe has something for everyone. The staff there are also very friendly and helpful.

The Hotel at Nanny Cay Marina

After a day of boating and exploring, guests at Nanny Cay Marina can relax and rejuvenate in luxurious hotels. The hotel in the outer marina is really impressive. Some features are AC, daily housekeeping, and private balconies with marina or garden views. The hotel rooms are lovely and provide a cozy and comfortable retreat for boaters and travelers.

Preserving the Environment: Nanny Cay Marina’s Pump-out Station

Nanny Cay Marina cares a lot about the environment and does things to protect it. One way they do this is through their Pump-out Station. This fancy facility helps boaters get rid of their waste in a good way.

It keeps bad stuff from going into the clean waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Nanny Cay Marina wants people who visit to take care of the environment too. They make it easy for them to do things that help protect nature. They also teach and encourage people to be good stewards of the environment.

Nanny Cay Marina adds Pump-Out Station on Tortola, B.V.I.

Nanny Cay Marina the largest marina on Tortola, adds a Pump-Out Station for yachts with holding tanks. This is Great News for the British Virgin Islands. Hopefully, other marinas will do the same as quickly as possible.

Helping to keep the marine environment in the British Virgin Islands at a very high standard like the U.S. Virgin Islands. Read more information about the yacht services available in the Marina.

Nanny Cay Marina and Boatyard has berths for 180 motor cruisers and yachts. Additionally, it has two boat lifts of 50 and 70 tons capacity with storage for 200 boats “on the hard”.

It also has a 40-room hotel, new waterfront townhouses for sale and rent, two restaurants, a small supermarket, shops, a dive shop (Blue Water Divers), a water sports center, BVI Yacht Sales, Cay Electronics, and other businesses. There’s also free WiFi, a gym, and a spa.

As you head out of the marina, you will immediately fall in love with the line-of-sight sailing that awaits. Raise the sails and let the trade winds fill them on the way to your first beautiful anchorage.


To sum up, Nanny Cay Marina is more than just a place to park boats. It’s a special spot that cares about the environment. It provides great services and is a safe and comfortable place for people who travel by boat. They have a station to keep the water clean, so boaters can protect the sea while enjoying the marina’s features.

Nanny Cay Marina provides both enjoyment and environmental care, with dining and hotel options to ensure a great time.

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