“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Amazing Caribbean Crewed Catamarans

Honeymoon yacht charter the Virgin-Islands is chartering a yacht for your honeymoon in the Virgin Islands is an incredible experience! Imagine sailing the Virgin Islands on your yacht with your crew, who will pamper you and take care of all the details. Enjoy menus based on your preferences, quiet anchorages, beautiful beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and incredible spas at Peter Island and Little Dix Bay. Each day you will explore a new island or anchorage with your beloved.

Honeymoon yacht charter Virgin-Islands on Catamaran Altesse
Champagne deck on Altesse

What are my Options?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to honeymoon yacht charter in the Virgin Islands. You can sail around Tortola, cruise through the BVIs, or even island-hop from St. Thomas to St. Thomas. No matter what you decide, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. Your honeymoon catamaran charter will let you relax and enjoy your time with your new spouse.

Sailing Catamarans For a Simple, Fun Adventure and a Honeymoon Yacht Charter Virgin-Islands

Sailing catamarans are among the most popular types of charter yachts for honeymoons. They offer plenty of space and amenities for a comfortable experience. In addition, you could have one entire side for yourselves while the crew has the other. Plus, with this type of yacht, you can easily stay in secluded anchorages that other boats can’t reach. Lagoon Catamarans like Copper Penny, Altesse, and Nautitech catamaran Nemo are options.


Sailing yachts like Sayang and Crystal Clear are excellent options for honeymooners who desire the experience of a sailboat.

Motor Yacht and Power Catamarans

Motor Yachts like AngelEyes and power catamarans like Mystic Soul are excellent choices for your Honeymoon yacht charter.


Crews are very aware of their guest’s privacy and will arrange your charter your way to maximize your yacht charter experience.

What should I pack for My Honeymoon Yacht Charter Virgin-Islands

You’ll want to pack your most comfortable clothes, as you’ll spend a lot of time relaxing on the yacht’s deck. A bathing suit is a must, as you’ll probably want to take a dip in the crystal clear waters at some point. And don’t forget your sunscreen. While you’re packing your clothes, be sure to also pack any medications you might need. Pack all liquids and creams in 3.4 ounces or fewer containers and have them placed in one quart-sized, clear plastic bag per person. Pack any sharp objects (knives, scissors) in your checked luggage, and make sure anything that could poke holes (hairspray cans) are with the liquids. Also, bring along any necessary eyeglasses or contact lenses if you wear them – they’re not allowed onboard without prescription containers.

Starting your honeymoon in St. Thomas or The British Virgin Islands is an excellent option, with frequent flight service into the mainland United States. We will help arrange your flights via scheduled or private jet to the Virgin Islands.

BVI Caribbean Yacht Charters will assist you in finding the ideal yacht for your honeymoon.

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