“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Catamaran Kings Ransom

As yacht charter brokers, we can attend two exclusive boat shows in the Virgin Islands every fall. These are the VICL Yacht Show in St. Thomas and the CYS Boat Show in Tortola. The BVI yacht charter shows allow us to tour and inspect the boats and meet and get to know the crews. We also get to do a little sightseeing to offer suggestions to you regarding your own BVI yacht charter experience.

The Show

Each day of the show, we tour the various boats and spend time with the crews as they show us around their vessels. Often, we are invited to brokers’ luncheons aboard the boats to sample the yacht cuisine available to our clients.

Vegan lunch onboard Kings Ransom
Vegan Lunch on Kings Ransom

In the evenings, there are events planned that give us a chance to get to know the crews in a more casual environment. These events are often very insightful as we glimpse how the crew might interact with each other and guests when on charter. Some of these events also include local vendors on whom the crews might depend for provisioning, among other things.

At each show, there is also a culinary competition among participating chefs. The chefs always put their best foot forward for these, as they would for you as their charter guests. The announcement of the winners is always exciting and is usually held on the last evening of the show.

Crew of Kings Ransom showing their award.
The crew of Kings Ransom is showing off their award.

After the Show

Following the show, as brokers prepare to leave, we are sometimes invited on a day sail on one of the boats if they are headed to the same destination. This is our opportunity to experience what a charter on the boat and with the crew would be like, if only for a day.

Because these shows are not open to the general public and are available only to charter brokers, we want to go as your representatives. So this year, we want to hear from you about what information you’d like to know more about as we’re at the shows! Connect with us on Facebook at and post the questions you want us to answer. We’ll do our best to get the answers you seek and post them as often as possible.

Chef Nicky on King’s Ransom, a Matrix 76, prepared the delightful plant-based cuisine.

So join us, vicariously, at this year’s BVI yacht charter shows and help us help you!

You make the memories. We make the arrangements.

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