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Beautiful and luxurious Catamaran Nenne offers an onboard dive instructor while cruising Islas Culebra and Culebrita
Beautiful and luxurious Catamaran Nenne offers an onboard dive instructor while cruising Islas Culebra and Culebrita

Islas Culebra and Culebrita are part of the Spanish Virgin Islands. They are located about 17 miles east of Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of St Thomas. The Culebra archipelago consists of the main island and 23 smaller islands. Culebrita is the largest of these smaller islands (cays). And is entirely uninhabited. These cays are bustling with colorful marine life. It is equally heaven for underwater adventurers and beachgoers alike. Nature lovers will immediately embrace this archipelago. It is small and tranquil but offers so many activities in awe-inspiring places. Surrender to the magic of true island life. Most of Culebra is a natural refuge, therefore keeping it safe from highrise hotel developments. No nightclubs or casinos either. The island’s main attraction is its natural treasure. Which is best enjoyed on a beautiful catamaran with a crew that is ready and willing to pamper you.


Culebra’s temperature typically varies from 74°F to 88°F. It is in fact rarely below 71°F or above 91°F. For the most part, the months of December through April will offer you the best weather on Islas Culebra and Culebrita. Even on a hot day in the summer months, a constant breeze and some shade can cool you off. Additionally May, October, and November are the rainiest months. However, showers usually do not last longer than 30 minutes. And are most often occurring during the afternoons. Still, ample time to enjoy the beach or water sports.

The hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. Most of the hurricanes have historically occurred between August and November. While summer is actually the high season for residents of Puerto Rico. Then again, island life goes on as normal. And obviously, everybody continues to enjoy the island’s treasures.

Places to See on Islas Culebra and Culebrita

Isla Culebra

  • Culebra Historical Museum – Built in 1905 as an ammunitions warehouse for the Navy. Today you will find there archeological artifacts and historical maps. As well as several exhibits of the Taino and endangered sea turtles. Plus photos, and videos of military life here during the 1880s.
  • Flamenco Beach – Culebra’s most popular, because of its white and soft sands. This beach is indeed one of the prime reasons for people to visit Culebra. Flamenco Beach is an absolute must-see when visiting Culebra. It is rated among the best beaches in the United States and the world.

Isla Culebrita

An uninhabited coral island that is a nature reserve and completely undeveloped. Six amazing beaches with sugar-white soft sand are waiting for you to explore. Culebrita’s unexploited beauty, rich fauna, and tranquility are enchanting. It is never crowded and the crystal clear waters are so inviting.

  • Isla Culebrita Lighthouse. One of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean. And the only man-made structure on the island. Located on top of a hill. The view from here is particularly breathtaking. Attempts to restore it have been unsuccessful and it is now in danger of collapsing.
Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island
Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island

Things to Do on Islas Culebra and Culebrita

Isla Culebra

We recommend renting a four-wheel-drive vehicle, like a jeep, to explore the island.

  • Culebra National Wildlife Refuge – President Theodore Roosevelt designated this area as a National Wildlife Refuge in 1909. Visitors are only permitted on Cayo Luis Peña and Culebrita. Fantastic diving and snorkeling. In addition to being a paradise for bird-watchers, nature lovers, and photographers. It protects large colonies of sea birds. Like the masked, brown boobys, and red-footed boobys. As well as three species of giant sea turtles.
  • Flamenco Beach – Swim, snorkel, relax. Crystal clear water with unending shades of blue and gentle waves.
  • Beach explorations – Some of the best beaches to explore besides Flamenco Beach include Zoni Beach. In addition to Melones Beach, Playa Tamarindo Grande Beach, and Playa Sardinas Beach.
  • Snorkel, Swim, Dive – Culebra has been included in “World’s Best Islands for Snorkeling”. Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and of course an amazing variety of sea life. You will swim along with sea turtles, manta rays, in addition to colorful marine life. The best beaches for snorkeling are in particular Flamenco Beach, Tamarindo, and Melones. Moreover, the secluded Playa Carlos Rosario is known to be the most fantastic snorkeling and diving spot in Culebra.
Snorkeling in the spectacular Islas Culebra and Culebrita
Snorkeling in the spectacular Islas Culebra and Culebrita
  • Kayaking – Ask the crew of your chartered yacht to lower the kayaks into the sea. By all means, do not forget to take snorkel gear and plenty of sunscreen with you. And then kayak on the west coast beaches along the Luis Pena Cay. You will surely find calm and crystal clear waters. Don’t forget to pause along the way and enjoy the natural wonders. Even under the water’s surface. The colorful marine life and coral reefs will indeed leave you astonished.

Isla Culebrita

  • Playa Tortuga – The most famous beach. A beautiful, white-sand cove. Fantastic underwater visibility for snorkeling. Playa Tortuga is also the home and feeding grounds for Green turtles. They can frequently been seen here.
  • Hike – Up to the Isla Culebrita Lighthouse on top of the hill. The view from here is certainly worth the hike. Wearing proper shoes and taking water is essential. In addition to bug spray. And then cool off in the “Jacuzzis” after the hike down.
  • Relax in the Bath/Jacuzzi – An opening between two parts of Culebrita. At low tide, it has tide pools deep enough to swim in. Since the water is shallow, it is very warm, it feels like a “bath”. As the tide comes in, the wave action from the ocean surges back and forth, giving it the feeling of a “jacuzzi”.
Isla Culebrita
Isla Culebrita

Gastronomy Highlights

Native Foods and Drinks

  • Arroz con gandules – Puerto Rican rice and pigeon peas. Served with almost every meal.
  • Mofongo – Mashed fried plantains, lots of garlic, and chicharrones.
  • Alcapurrias – A fritter. The batter is made of green bananas and grated yautia. Often stuffed with crab, shrimp, or lobster.
  • Piña Colada – The official drink of the island since 1978. Frozen pineapple, pineapple and lime juice, cream of coconut. And of course Puerto Rican white rum.

Notable Restaurants

  • Mamacitas – Local cuisine and seafood. Very popular restaurant . It is a guest house in addition.
  • Dinghy Dock – American, Caribbean, Puerto Rican cuisine. Furthermore, the perfect location, an open air beach spot with great views over the bay.
  • Harspoons – Favored by many. Local cuisine, seafood, Caribbean and American.
  • Zaco’s Tacos – A local favorite. Puerto Rican, Latin and Mexican cuisine and bar. Patrons love the food. Open only on weekends.
  • Susie’s Restaurant – Local cuisine, seafood, Caribbean fair.
  • Krusty Krab – Caribbean, Latin and seafood.

Marinas and Anchorages Islas Culebra and Culebrita


Culebra does not offer a marina, but a harbor in Dewey. The closest marinas are located on mainland Puerto Rico:

  • Marina Puerto del Rey – Fajardo
  • Sunbay Marina – Fajardo
  • Marina Puerto Chico – Fajardo

Anchorages Culebra

  • Sardinas Bay/Bahia de Sardinas – Dewey. Located between Melones and Maguey points. Inside Sardinas Bay are a couple of anchorages. Good spot to anchor and dinghy into the town. Be sure not to block the local ferry boat terminal on the northwest side of the harbor.
  • Cayo Pirata – Large bay for quiet anchoring. Great holding.
  • Bahia Tortuga –  Splendid beach, 3 buoys.
  • Ensenada Dakity – Reef provides protective anchoring.
  • Cayo Luis Pena – Very protected mooring. One buoy in the magnificent seabed.

Anchorages Culebrita

  • North Anchorage – Big beautiful bay large enough for many boats. Setting an anchor is easy and the holding is good. And then hike to the “Jacuzzi” from here.
  • South Anchorage – Several moorings. The westernmost mooring balls provide easy access to wonderful snorkeling. Hike the poorly marked path to the lighthouse. The incredible view is so much worth the extra effort.

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