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Changes Coming to Destination BVI

BVI NEWS: Chef Isabella on SOMETHING WONDERFUL and NEW BVI DIVE SITES in the making. One thing about the British Virgin Islands: It’s always changing…and improving.

Chef Isabella rejoins catamaran Something Wonderful

We are thrilled to welcome back to the Leopard 58 catamaran SOMETHING WONDERFUL, Chef Isabella Matterson.  While on her hiatus she has gained some charter, cruising, and travel time in Europe and the wider Caribbean.

Something Wonderful: Among the many intriguing features of the Leopard 58, the expansive flybridge with seating for up to 10 people and a large coffee table is one of the most exciting. It is perfect for lounging and taking in beautiful panoramic views and watching movies on the 82′ outdoor theater screen.

The large open aft deck and forward cockpit offer another choice with ample space for alfresco dining and lounging.  The flybridge, the aft deck, and the forward cockpit are all covered in TekDek, a lightweight, high-impact simulated teak.
SOMETHING WONDERFUL accommodates 8 guests in 4 cabins.

Captain Paul and Chef Isabella are SOMETHING WONDERFUL
Captain Paul and Chef Isabella are SOMETHING WONDERFUL

BVI NEWS: Dive Sites in the Making.

Members of the BVI dive community on Tortola are busy turning Irma wreckage into BVI dive sites…

Several small ruined airplanes from the Beef Island Airport are getting the shark makeover and are submerged near the Dogs. The small group of islets lying between Beef Island and Virgin Gorda. In order to form a new dive site. In addition, the old William Thornton floating restaurant and bar, which is now hard ashore in the Bight of Norman Island, will be reimagined as a pirate ship. Then sunk off the backside of Peter Island in Key Bay.

The same folks who remade an old WW2 oiler into a dive site inhabited by the mythical Kraken will be conducting the makeovers.

While aiding the BVI charter and dive economy, the retooled wrecks also become “recycled” and these hulks will eventually entice local inhabitants to remake them into artificial reefs and “homesites” for the BVI’s native undersea floral and fauna.  See more

Top 10 Scuba Dive Sites in the BVI

Wreckage from Hurricane Irma makes New Dive Site
Wreckage from Hurricane Irma Makes New Dive Site

Willy T – It’s good to be home again…

The William Thornton floating restaurant and bar has returned to its original home in the Bight of Norman Island. The crew packed up and moved back “home” on the morning of Territory Day, the 1st of July, and she is once again moored in her “normal” position in the southwest corner of the Bight.

Willy T’s, Norman Island
Willy T’s, Norman Island

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