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Necker Island british virgin islands bird re-introduction

Richard Branson owns Necker and Mosquito Islands in the British Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands Bird Re-introduction is about re-introducing three species of birds that have not been seen in the BVI for more than 100 years.

Why were birds reintroduced in the British Virgin Islands?

Flamingos were, and continue to be, a vital part of the islands’ aquatic ecology. Not only do they create an exquisite and eye-catching display, they also filter the water in which they inhabit, thus helping to clear out excess algae. Moreover, as one of the most recognizable birds in the world, flamingos attract and enhance the visual quality of any coastal environment. The reintroduction of flamingos in the British Virgin Islands was, and continues to be, a successful ecological, aesthetic and tourist project.

Flamingos have helped bring color to the ponds and provide tourists a delightful display, the ponds are once again buzzing with life, which not only enriches the beauty of the BVI but helps to make it one of the top holiday destinations. Seeing the majestic creatures fluttering and feeding around the shores and estuaries, watching the bright colors stand out against the clear blue sky – that is something you’ll never forget.

Thanks to Dr. Lazell, these glorious creatures now live in harmony and peace, each playing their important role in the balance of the local environment. Every morning they grace us with their beauty, helping the islands and their visitors enjoy the mesmerizing wonders of the natural world.

Virgin Media mogul Richard Branson announced through his blog that his company is in the process of beginning a British Virgin Islands bird re-introduction. The three speciesthe Flamingo, the Scarlet Ibis, and the Roseate Spoonbillhaven’t been seen there for 100 to 150 years.

“This is the first Scarlet Ibis born in the British Virgin Islands for over 100 years,” Branson writes on his blog. “They are a completely different colour to their parents, which I suspect is, so they are not so noticeable to predators when they are young. They turn the incredible scarlet colour after a couple of years.”

Necker Island is an exclusive resort in the British Virgin Islands close to the Bitter End Yacht Club.

While on your yacht charter in the BVI, you may sail by or snorkel some of the reefs around Necker Island and Moskito Island.

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