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A1 Auto Transport Celebrates 36 Years Of Safe & Affordable Transportation

Shipping boats may seem easy, but what about when it comes to international, or even shipping larger boats, like yachts?

While it may seem like a simple task to some, it takes expertise in knowing exactly how to deal with each type of boat and ship it safely, all around the world.

Today we’ll take a look at A1 Auto Transport, a transport company that ships not only boats but almost anything that can fit into a cargo container (and more).

If you’re ready to learn more about boat shipping, then read on below.

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What Makes A1 Auto Transport Special?

A1 Auto Transport is a transporting company that has been in the business for well over 30 years. While it can seem impossible to have been in such a tough industry, A1 Auto has strived to help as many customers as possible.

While they mainly ship vehicles, they are industry experts at shipping boats, yachts, and anything in between. They are unique in that they operate worldwide and can handle a variety of different transport requirements.

A1 Auto has competitive rates, and is always willing to let you negotiate between the carriers they put you in touch with. While it can be hard to find a reputable transport company today, A1 Auto Transport has 30 years of excellence behind them. To learn more about boat shipping, you can check out

What to Consider When Shipping a Boat?


One of the first details you want to cover when shipping your boat is the costs and considerations. If you’re shipping a tiny sailboat, of course, it will cost significantly less than a 50-foot yacht.

Another critical factor that will determine the price of shipping your boat is the shape that your boat is in. To avoid a potential accident, ensure you recently maintained your boat and confirmed the batteries are in good order.

The time of year you ship your boat is also going to determine the price. If you want to ship it during Q4, you’re going to end up paying more than if you were to ship it during the slower season of the year.


The size of your boat is also going to impact the type of shipping that is available. If your boat is capable of fitting within a regular cargo container, then you should not have any problems. But the bigger the boat, the more problems you’re going to encounter.

It can be a bit of a challenge to ship a large yacht, but the solution for this is to use a crane to load it onto a load-on/load-off ship. These ships incur a slightly higher cost compared to their roll-on/roll-off counterparts, primarily because they require a crane for loading.

Yachts come in different sizes, a few of which are: 50 to 55 feet, 60 to 67 feet, and 80 feet.

Full-Service Moving

Just like with full-service movers, there is full-service moving for boats as well for anyone of the higher caliber clientele. You can simply leave your boat at the designated port, wait for the boat shipping company to come to pick it up, and your boat will be waiting for you wherever you request it to be transported.

This can be great for anyone who has their yacht stationed away from where the crew is, and get the yacht to where it needs to go, without even lifting a finger. This type of service does come with a cost, however, and should only be used if you have the budget to do so.

Should You Ship Your Boat?

The most common reason to ship a boat would be if you’re selling it to a buyer who isn’t in the same vicinity as you. Or you want to take your boat with you, and the boat is not suitable for long-distance traveling.

Not everyone wants to traverse the entirety of the ocean, but would rather take out the boat for a joyride now and then. Not to mention, traveling across the ocean is very dangerous if you aren’t prepared, and even if you are prepared, it’s still dangerous.


A1 Auto Transport stands as a testament to 36 years of dedicated service in the challenging field of transportation. Specializing not only in vehicle shipping but also in the intricate task of transporting boats, yachts, and various cargo worldwide, A1 Auto Transport has distinguished itself as an industry expert and one of the world’s best-known boat shipping companies.

What sets A1 Auto Transport apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction, global operations, and versatile handling of diverse transport requirements. With a proven track record of excellence spanning three decades, the company has earned its reputation for reliability and competitive pricing. Clients can negotiate rates with the carriers recommended by A1 Auto, providing a level of flexibility often hard to find in the transportation industry.

The considerations for boat shipping, outlined above, emphasize the importance of factors such as price, size, and the option for full-service moving. A1 Auto Transport’s expertise extends to managing these intricacies, ensuring a smooth and secure journey for boats of various types and sizes.

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