“You Make the Memories, We’ll Make the Arrangements”
Guiding Light

Join the adventure and have the time of your life when you charter your next vacation aboard the sailing catamaran Guiding Light.

You may call it your “best vacation EVER,” like many of my past guests.

If you want, you can do absolutely nothing but lie in the sun, play in the water, and snorkel the reefs as if you were IN an aquarium. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can help sail the boat, and Captain Shane McClellan will teach you as much as you would like to learn. Your charter gives you access to all the equipment aboard the vessel, including snorkel gear for diving on the reefs, beach gear for lying around in the sand, bicycles for land tours, a kayak for your paddling desires, FISHING gear to appease your hunter/gather side, and other toys socked away for you to discover.


  • $8,000.00, plus your expenses, is all it takes to charter the Guiding Light for eight days and seven nights! This is a FANTASTIC DEAL!
  • You can bring up to 6 people who will share three queen-size cabins.
  • Captain Shane loves showing adventurous, easy-going, fun-loving people the sights and joy of the BVI.
  • The typical expenses are provisioning ($100-$200 per person per week), BVI Fees ($150-$300 total per week), moorings ($175 total per week), and fuel/water/ice ($100-$200 total per week).
  • Captain (& Cook) Shane loves to prepare delicious meals for his guests on board his sailing catamaran. He will generally cook half the dinners and specialty desserts for guests at No Extra Charge

Check out the guest comments below:

  • This was the best day….of my life! ~ Mandy
  • Thanks for the great family vacation. Sailing can’t get any easier than aboard the Guiding Light ~ Mike
  • Thanks for sharing your home & local knowledge. ~ CarolCharter – Edwards – Michael With A Turtle
  • Great week, lots of great sights & snorkeling. / Ditto! Turtles, goats, and drinks…Oh my! ~ Aaron & Sabrina
  • The Guiding Light is a great boat, and Shane was an awesome captain. ~ Chris & Audrey

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