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Caribbean Beaches

Each year, CJ “Caribbean Journal” puts out a list of the Best Caribbean Beaches on the Caribbean Islands. Check out which fabulous beaches made the cut for 2013:  

“The Caribbean has, in our humble opinion, the best beaches in the world, and choosing just 10 is, well, [insert grain of sand joke here]. This year’s inaugural Beach List is the product of our travels across the region, having combed beaches, snorkeled reefs and waded in waves across the Caribbean Sea.

We’ve always said that the best beach in the Caribbean is the one you’re on right now. But some beaches are that much more special — the ones that repay great journeys. But what makes a great beach? Is it the color of the sand? The relative lack of people? The size?

Of course, there are more spectacular beaches in the Caribbean than one can count, so there are some superb beaches, big and small, that didn’t make this list. Ultimately, the test became simple: is this a beach we want to spend an entire day on?

Now, Caribbean Journal offers our picks for the best ones to visit for 2013, in no particular order. See you in the sand! 

The Beach List — the Caribbean’s 10 Best Beaches for 2013.

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