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Bahama Disaster Relief

Bahamas Habitat is a US-based non-profit. They provide disaster relief in The Bahamas and Haiti. Their mission directly supports communities on the islands by helping people recover from disasters. They work with BMH. BMH is a faith-based non-profit of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church. They provide home repair and disaster relief with local and international volunteers.

Flight instructor Steve Merritt started Bahamas Habitat in 2007. It began as a volunteer organization for pilots to help with disaster relief in the Bahamas. Since then it has become dedicated to humanitarian relief and education. Read more at their website.

The Bahamas is a beautiful area that is popular for yacht charters and land vacations. Hurricanes often impact the islands. When this happens, organizations like Bahamas Habitat fly in supplies at their own expense. Pilots from across America use their aircraft to support the effort.

Travelling During Hurricane Season

The Caribbean has its official hurricane season from June 1 to November 30 each year. The peak is in August, September, and October. There is no year-to-year consistency to the frequency and intensity of Caribbean storms. However, even in the most intense hurricane season, the odds that your vacation will be disrupted are low.

Travelling to the Bahamas and the Caribbean is often less expensive during hurricane season. However, we strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance just in case. Find out what your insurance covers before you go. Generally, insurance must be purchased more than 24 hours before a hurricane is named.

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