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Culinary competitions

The St. Thomas Yacht Show Culinary Competition showcased very talented chefs from the yachts attending the show. The winners were:

  • Grassa Liesenberg from ROCKETEER – delightful organic and healthy cuisine. Her desserts are awesome.
  • Audrey Harper from FLOW is now on board ALETHEIA for 2013. Audrey is rocking the yacht charter world with her cuisine.
  • Micheale Zazo from FEEL THE MAGIC – she is a sommelier. You will be delighted with her wine selections, touches, and cuisine.
  • Debbie Dickens from SECRET OASIS is now on a private yacht somewhere in the world. However, the new chief of Secret Oasis is doing great also.

The St Thomas Yacht Show showcased these outstanding chefs, while the crew members also provide outstanding service and a delightful charter experience in the Virgin Islands. Their partners onboard are also excellent captains with diverse interests. Glenn onboard Rocketeer and Grassa enjoy kiteboarding and Glenn loves to sail Rocketeer fast. Donald who is Audrey’s husband enjoys having fun and keeping his guests on their toes.

Good Food, Fine wine, beautiful beaches, sunsets, and blue water it is all about sailing in the Virgin Islands.

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UPDATE: USVI St Thomas Yacht Show is scheduled for November 12 to 15, 2022! You can still register here.

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