Moskito Island


Moskito Island is an l25-acre private island owned by Sir Richard Branson and that features a recreation area, pristine beaches, and exclusive luxury villas. The island is located on the west side of Gorda Sound adjacent to Virgin Gorda and near Necker Island, which Branson also owns.

Moskito Island BVI
Get close to Moskito Island on Catamaran GRACE.

As for the spelling of the island’s name, old charts from 1775 spell it “Moskito” while other historians insist it is spelled “Mosquito”. However, the current owner, Mr. Branson, maintains the “Moskito” spelling.


As in all of the British Virgin Islands, the weather on and around Moskito Island is like Paradise. Expect warm to hot temperatures with tropical breezes and brief rain showers. The hurricane season is June through November.

Places to See and Things to Do

  • Snorkel and dive. There are a couple of lovely beaches on Mosquito Island such as Hay Point Beach and Honeymoon Beach. Although the beaches are private, snorkeling is quite good offshore. There is also excellent snorkeling to the west of Anguilla point.
  • Paddleboard or Privately owned Moskito Island (also Mosquito Island) is home to a luxury resort. However, the waters surrounding it are fabulous for water sports. around the perimeter and get a glimpse of the island’s exclusive resort. Your luxury yacht charter aboard a fully-crewed sailing catamaran such as Azuria, Grace, or Mahasattva is the perfect way to get up close to this private island.
  • Kiteboard. The steady tradewinds in Gorda sound make this an excellent place for kiteboarding and wind surfing.

Marinas and Anchorages

There are no marinas on Moskito Island only wonderful anchorages close to the island.