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Advantages of a Power Catamaran Charter was written by Captain Nathan and Chef Laura Kurton of SEA BOSS. Why Choose a power catamaran over a sailing catamaran? Do you prefer a sailing cat? This is entirely understandable for charter guests who have sailed before or are lovers of the power of sailing, but what about guests […]
Horizon Power Catamarans are growing in popularity in the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas charter market. We see more “power cats” built for the bareboat and crewed charter market.  Moreover, two of the leading power catamaran builders with boats in the yacht charter market areSunreef Yachts and Horizon. Horizon Power Catamarans | Horizon offers Award Winning Yachts Horizon Power catamarans yacht PC52 […]
Yachting has seen some amazing changes recently, especially with the popularity of power catamaran yachts. These yachts are now a favorite choice among people who love luxury and fancy things. Horizon Yachts, one of the major players in the industry, has been doing some awesome things. They constantly create new designs and use the latest […]