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Catamaran Tranquility - BVI Yacht Charter Cost

Understanding the BVI yacht charter cost is essential for worry-free sailing, whether you dream of cruising on luxury yachts or crewed vessels in the Caribbean. Knowing what’s included in the charter price is crucial to bringing your dream of exploring these jewel-like islands to life.

Understanding the BVI Yacht Charter Cost

When chartering a yacht in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), explore various pricing options to match your desired level of luxury. Take time to select the perfect boat within your budget.

Two main pricing models exist: ‘plus expenses’ and ‘all-inclusive’

Inclusive Charters: A Hassle-Free Sailing Vacation

The all-inclusive charter fee covers yacht rental, crew, food, drinks, fuel, and water toys. However, additional costs may apply for requested beverages, dockage fees, and onshore dining.

Explore our all-inclusive catamaran charters in the BVI for an expertly crafted adventure.

Plus Expenses Charters: A Customized Sailing Experience

This option is available for certain motor yachts, monohulls, and catamarans in the Caribbean. Plus expenses charters include yacht rental and crew services.

The total cost is the base charter fee plus these additional expenses:

  • Fuel
  • Dockage
  • Custom fees, if sailing between BVI/USVI
  • Additional water toys and equipment
  • 15-20% crew gratuity
  • Provisioning

What is APA?

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is an upfront payment made before your charter vacation begins. It’s typically included in luxury yacht charters to cover various expenses and facilitate onboard transactions. APA usually ranges from 20% to 40% of the charter cost. For instance, if you charter a yacht at $20,000 per week, the APA might be around $8,000 depending on the yacht type.

Overall, when calculating the total cost to charter a yacht, consider cruising taxes, fees, and location-specific charges, including VAT.

Explore the Charters in the British Virgin Islands and Embark on Unique Yacht Experiences

Understanding pricing models helps you plan visits to The Baths in Virgin Gorda, scuba dive into Anegada’s famous wrecks, and enjoy vibrant nightlife on Jost Van Dyke during your charter adventure.

We offer both bareboat and crewed yachts for our charter guests. For those wanting to sail independently, choose a bareboat charter in the BVI. If you’re new to sailing, we recommend cruising the BVI waters with a professional crew onboard. Surely, we’ll provide options that fit your budget and exceed your expectations.

Factors Influencing BVI Yacht Charter Cost:

Type of yacht

Your choice of yacht significantly impacts your overall expenses. The CKIM Group has a range of catamarans, motor yachts, and sailboats to fit different budgets and needs.

  • Power catamarans are perfect for a luxurious experience on the water, getting you to your destinations faster and using less fuel than motor yachts.
  • Sailing catamarans offer plenty of living space and onboard amenities. They use sails to travel, providing a more authentic and less costly sailing experience.
  • Motor yachts are gaining popularity for BVI sailing vacations, but their larger size often leads to higher fuel and charter costs.
  • Monohull sailboats offer traditional sailing experiences, and the total cost can vary depending on the amenities onboard.

Charter duration

Charter rates in the British Virgin Islands usually last for a week, but we can arrange longer stays as you wish.

View Tranquility’s weekly all-inclusive rates for a minimum 7-night stay:

  • 2-6 guests: $54,950
  • 7 guests: $57,450
  • 8 guests: $57,950
  • 9 guests: $58,450
  • 10 guests: $59,950
  • 11-12 guests: $64,950


Charter prices vary seasonally, with holiday rates higher compared to discounted summer prices available on many yachts.

The best time for yachting in the BVI is from January to July, when the weather is warm and dry. During the holiday season—including Christmas and New Year’s—you can expect a plethora of activities to enjoy.

View Tranquility’s holiday rates for up to 12 guests:

  • Christmas week – $75,000
  • New Year’s week – $95,000


The British Virgin Islands are popular for their stunning beaches, lush green mountains, and gentle trade winds. Each destination offers unique adventures and not-to-be-missed local cuisines. However, these factors can influence the total charter price, potentially including onshore expenses.

Additional Costs: Crew Gratuities, Cruising Taxes, and More

Extra charges for personal requests like fine wines and watersports gear are added to the base price. This may also cover all of the following:

  • Travel insurance
  • Airfare
  • Ground Transfers
  • Crew gratuities are optional and dependent on guest satisfaction and discretion.
  • Dockage
  • Cruising taxes
  • Custom fees

Chartering Tranquility outside the Virgin Islands doesn’t include cruising taxes, fees, and port dues in the charter fee.

$54,950 - $64,950 /wk
  • 6 Cabins
  • 76.00 Ft Cat
  • Built: 2014
Scuba  Scuba Diving On Board

Choosing a BVI yacht charter based on cost:

Factors such as group size, itinerary, and your choice of specific amenities are crucial considerations when selecting the right vessel. Here are some additional tips to help you choose a yacht that fits within your budget:

Find a Reputable Charter Broker: Introducing CKIM Group

Get insider advice to access exclusive yachts sailing in the BVI. Plus, charter brokers will find you the perfect yacht that fits your budget.

At CKIM, we’re all about luxury crewed yacht charters, making sure your sailing vacations in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and beyond are absolutely unforgettable. Let’s plan your next adventure on the water together!

Value for Transparent Booking Process: BVI Yacht Charter Cost

At CKIM, we believe in transparent pricing and options for our clients. Additional costs like fuel and crew gratuities are tailored to your preferences for a seamless getaway in the British Virgin Islands, ensuring every dollar spent adds to your fun and adventure.

Maximize your Charter Experience

At CKIM, we enhance your experience by adding value to your investment. Customize your charter with special event options or additional amenities for ultimate comfort. In addition, yacht charter pricing ensures your journey through the BVI is nothing short of exceptional.

Booking Process: BVI Yacht Charter Cost

  • Initial inquiry: What are your plans for the charter? Whether it’s island hopping, diving into thrilling adventures, or simply soaking up the sun, the BVI has it all! Share your dream vacation with us; the more we know, the better we can tailor your experience.
  • We take care of all the arrangements: Once we understand your charter plans, our next step is finding the perfect yacht for you. We provide a range of vessel options tailored to your needs and ensure a seamless match with the ideal boat.
  • Signing of documents: Before signing, carefully review and confirm all contract terms and specified food preferences to ensure accuracy.
  • Prepare to set sail: Study the guide thoroughly and pack your essentials.
  • Bon Voyage! Step aboard the yacht and meet your crew, welcoming you with warm smiles as your unforgettable journey begins!

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