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BVI Boat Charter SOON COME

BVI Boat Charter SOON COME is looking forward to a fabulous 2014 season

BVI Boat Charter SOON COME’S Latest Testimonials
This is what recent guests had to say about their time on board Soon Come:

“Sarah and Rich,
We just wanted to reiterate how much gratitude we have for you guys after such an amazing week. We truly think of you as inspiring and we are reevaluating how we want to spend our lives now that you have shown us a snippet of yours. Thank you so much for the best week of our lives. We truly hope you will have us back someday.”
Jessy and Alex, New Jersey

“Richard and Sarah,
Two words…THANK YOU! This was the best vacation we have ever taken. You two have a special talent for hosting. Food, wine, and the company was top notch. We will be back with our boys.”
Joellen and Braun, Virginia Beach

“Rich and Sarah,
Thank you so much for your hospitality. Every day’s excitement was followed by another, not to mention the food! I am not sure how Sarah cooks these amazing meals in a small space – they were fantastic!! Watching you both seamlessly work through the day was like art, you have this gig down. We wish you all the best always.”
Kelly and Rod, New Hampshire

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